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Studying abroad Anonymous 69097

I am ending HS this year and since I am from a shitty backwaters slavhole city I was looking for places where I could go study, and I had this nearby city chosen that was err… alright, but I did not like the idea of living in dorms and it was generally did not feel like much of a change.

However a few days back a gay guy on dc that I have known and talked to daily for years mentioned to me that I could move in with him (he is the same age), provided that we split rent since he can just barely scrape by. He is from a big western city too so it is quite an opportunity.

I really wanna take him up on the offer but I am kinda scared, not even that he will be weird since we are gonna meet up irl in a month anyway but more of the fact tht if anything goes wrong I will be left in foreign country probably broke and homeless.

What should I do? It is such a great opportunity but I am really scared

Anonymous 69108

All moids are weird. So going to live with one is never pleasant all I can say is good luck…

Anonymous 69109

OP don't move in with someone you only know online and have never met. Even if he's gay it's just asking for drama. Go through the official channels and get a proper arrangement through a university or whatever you'll be studying at so that you won't be at the mercy of some rando.

Anonymous 69111


All these kids nowadays studying abroad. Ya know, I wish I did that more when I was young. If I did that now my wife would kill me! No respect!

Anonymous 69112

What if he's bi?
I once read a greentext story on 4moids about a moid who jerked off into his female roommate's shampoo and did other vile stuff.

I don't want to scare you, but you have to expect things.

Anonymous 69113

Fellow slavanon here.
How do you know for sure that he's gay and also his age?

Anonymous 69135

lol was not expecting this

Anonymous 69149

I mean, we met years back on a dc server and he's always been pretty upfront with me, we talked about our hs experiences at great length and I've also seen his face so I don't doubt his age. I guess I can only take his word for being gay but he never came off as creepy or predatory, in fact, the whole move-in thing was actually my suggestion since he's been complaining about wanting to move out but not having enough cash to pay rent for a few months now and I really don't wanna live in dorms since I am kinda avoidant and such

Anonymous 69155

>I've also seen his face
Are you sure it's his? Did you do a google image search of the pic?
>but he never came off as creepy or predatory
It's a scrote you're dealing with. They don't like showing their true colors. (although physical abuse is more likely if you'd become his gf)
Btw, it's possible that your assigned dorm room would have no roommates, although very unlikely if you're going to study in a popular uni. Also it's moid-free unless someone brings their boyfriend to stay a night or so.

Anonymous 69177

I think it's possible that he's gay but the point you're all missing is that gay men are still capable of being terrible and misogynistic. Even if he's not a misogynist they will find things to argue about. All roommate situations have a high risk of strife and she'll be stranded in a foreign place while he has nothing to lose except for a bit of rent. She should find a place that isn't dependent on the whims of a person she barely knows.

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