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Anonymous 69424

hihi is there like an active discord for this or is anyone interesting in joining one? I made an discord for only girls and wanna know if anyone is interested

Anonymous 69425

Rule 5: Do not attempt to advertise your own website, business, community or similar. This includes Discord servers and other group chat applications. Swapping one on one contact info is ok.

Anonymous 69426

You are the newfag you seem nice but pls do not advertise on here.
You can ask for others contact but do not post your discord server.
CC type discords end up full of trannies and larping moids.

Anonymous 69455

i see i see! just asking cos i wanted to make a nice girls only server

Anonymous 69477

would love to join a girls only CC style server but i'm pretty sure you're not allowed to advertise here anon :(

Anonymous 69479

I honestly fucking hate ESL tards and Europeans.

Anonymous 69482

Fair enough. Everyone hates you.

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