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Looking for a friend to play Dead by Daylight with ;-; Anonymous 69637

Hello I am looking for a female friend to play DBD and voice call with on Discord.
I am a noob and just started recently playing. Player level is 20 and survivor rank is 16. I have 20+ hours in playing time. I am willing to play a lot with you if you are interested. We could play everyday because I'm not really busy with anything. Also not just restricted to a gaming friend but a general friend I can talk to whenever and just cringe post with.

A little about me:
I am 18 and live in SE Asia. I am quite shy, cringy, depressed, socially retarded and I don't really have any friends.
I don't go outside or socialise and I only talk to my boyfriend. pls be my fren ;-;

Anonymous 69647

>socially retarded
>no friends
>has a bf

Anonymous 69658

I've experienced physical and emotional trauma in the past before I met him so it makes things hard and MDD

Anonymous 69670

Discords, discords, discords look for girls on discord. Don't do it here (usually not recommended). Also there is a gaming thread in /media/.

Anonymous 69674


If only I didn't suck so much at games.

Anonymous 69676

im looking for friends too :D

Anonymous 69678

HIHI ANON i would love to play dbd w u wat ur discord?

Anonymous 69680

ooo yayy!!! :D my discord is nya#1026

Anonymous 69682

:DD i added i need mor girl friens :(

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 69704

Moved to >>>/media/17163.

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