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Anonymous 69683

haha no cute anon to runaway from nyc to chicago with me or just cute anons from nyc n will do cute skincare or hair n become super hot/cute w me pain :(

Anonymous 69684

autogynephile alert

Anonymous 69685

i just looked that up n if u calling me a guy then im just not i would commit fucking suicide if i was guy. i just want wat i said my post :(

Anonymous 69696

That's nice and all but if you are looking for company look for it in other places like discord use the server browser or somewhere else. Here we just vent anonymously there is no CC chatter community.

Anonymous 69699

firsty nice number 69696 and yeah i know but its so hard on discord like unless theres a speific server for "girls wants to runaway with eachother and become hot n be best friends" server

Anonymous 69700

I didnt even notice I got the 69 get.


The more authentic radfem ones are the ones the other ones are more prone to have tranny infiltration. But who knows keep searching.

Anonymous 69701

i checked n ugh idk its just like i mention b4 i have this hyperfixation of "girl runaways with me and becomes hot" my brain is ugh

Anonymous 69707

Must be covid loniness. Don't worry. It's temporal.

Anonymous 69726


Coomers' sickness has no boundaries.
Also the bottom one is pure cringe combined with a fucking ER pic.

Anonymous 69727

So I guess you just watched the film Fucking Åmål then :)

Anonymous 69762

i saw those servers i was disgusted but man its so fucking hard all i want is to runaway with cute girl holy FUCK

Anonymous 69765

>7 online
All moids I bet & like 3 of them are there to be the harem daddy. There is a sea of creepy loner disgusting moids on the internet. Those are the kind of people that will send you a dick pic as soon as they notice you are a girl or if they get that vibe. I hate them, the literal dregs of society it could be worse I guess though they could be active criminals.

Anonymous 69767


terrible thread

Anonymous 69920


> would commit suicide if considered a gender they didn't identify as
You a tranny, then?

Anonymous 69965

if i was a guy i would being a guy is fucking awful

Anonymous 69969

if i was guy i wouldnt b able to touch my titties or wear makeup n shit without being called an femboy faggot so

Anonymous 69996

More importantly, how would you KNOW being a guy is awful
Your posts sound suspiciously like those of a moid or a troon

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