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confused 3.jpg

Anonymous 69693

Why are people saying LC is dying?

Anonymous 69698

Low activity I guess.

Anonymous 69709

Too much sjw tyranny. By suppressing controversy they make things boring and post count drops.

Anonymous 69710

I didn't know people were saying it was dying but moderation has been annoying lately. No crack downs on racebaiting, but anything vaguey terf-y gets shot down in record time. They have time to shush wrongthink but not the time to take on raids.
The mods seem to have very different desires for the site from a lot of the users.

Honestly I've been comic to cc more often just because of that

Anonymous 69711

I honestly think we're being infiltrated

Anonymous 69712

the internet just isn't what it used to be, I guess. I want to go back to the Pixyteri days.

Anonymous 69763

That happens like every month.

Anonymous 69770

They might be in this very thread

Anonymous 69775

ur mom lol

Anonymous 69776


Anonymous 69781


>num num

Anonymous 69788

The consequences of trannist and /pol/tard ideology infiltration via the janitor path and then being promoted to mod.
Also normalfags and their liberal feminism.

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