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Are you suicidal? Anonymous 69739

How do you anons plan to die if you are killing yourself?

Do you think you will likely an hero and is there a reason beyond life just being shit?

Anonymous 69740

serge and son.jpg

Yes, but only if something doesn't happen which is very pivotal for my life. How? Probably an exit bag after no contact with my family for at minimum a year. Sometimes I think I'd like to die in a really cool way where I find some very remote cave in the desert and mummify myself there after building a shrine so whoever stumbles upon it all is pleasantly surprised. But I don't have hiking, creative, or any skills whatsoever.

Anonymous 69748

What would be a piviotal life moment for you anon?
Do you ever worry that like you just wont kill yourself when your life is fucked?


Exit bag sounds nice but with how helium is cut now it is spooky to think of doing that way unless you can make sure it is pure.
I did not think swizzle land would help foreigners?
I am hoping to use SN as it seems to be the best that is easily available.

Are you scared of death anon? I am a little scared but want to die.

Anonymous 69749

But honestly sometimes I walk to the level crossing near our house and watch the trains rushing by, and imagine stepping in front of one.

Anonymous 69751

I haven't thought much about how I'd like to go. These days I frequently fantasize about a gunshot to the head but that's probably not going to be the way for me. I'd probably use a drug or hang myself. I've never heard of the exit bag method before and it sounds interesting. I do believe that my life will eventually end with suicide due to general depression.

Anonymous 70956

What is SN?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 70964

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