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What is your signature like? Anonymous 69799

For years mine was just a scribble, and I hated it. I haven’t used cursive in years and I was embarrassed about how juvenile my cursive looked so I didn’t even try. I hated signing important contracts because of my signature.

This week I opened a new bank account and I decided I wanted to start it with a new signature that I liked. I did a lot of research on different ways of writing letters etc, and finally came up with a few that I liked. I decided to not include my middle initial even though originally I liked the idea of having it.

It’s simple and maybe a little young looking but I like it. I originally wanted a very proper looking signature with large, decorated capital letters but that’s just not me and it’s a pain to write a large signature quickly for credit card transactions etc.

Just curious what other anons think about their own signatures and/or signatures in general.

Anonymous 69815

All I do is write my first and last initial in capital letters. I wrote my full name on my driver’s license though since when I got my license I didn’t think I’d be allowed to just write my initials. My last name is long and it’s easier to write my initials.

Anonymous 69907

I keep two signatyre non. One for branding and for professional usage. Pic Related for the branding.

Anonymous 69908


*signature. I like to add cute drawing in my branding signature

Anonymous 69914

Nah, It's just example of combining cute drawing with signature. The picture,it from a game lol

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