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Anonymous 69856

Why does Youtube's algorithm want me to hate feminists so much?

Anonymous 69857


Susan is secretly working for the moids, obviously

Anonymous 69876

Did you cleared your browser's history?
You get anti-feminist stuff by default

Anonymous 69877

Outrage and anger gets more clicks and is more profitable

Anonymous 69887

Allegedly, Youtube's userbase is slightly more male leaning than comparable social media sites.
I'm not sure I believe that because of how many views makeup Youtubers get, but on the other hand YouTube has a pretty strong association with gaming, so maybe it's right.

Anonymous 69933

>makeup Youtubers
It's the looney troons first and foremost, then biological women, and the last being underage girls who want to look like adults as per the groomers society does not bat an eye on.

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