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Anonymous 69961

>talking with ex about moving to a new place together since our lease is up and she could never qualify for a place on her own
>for our income to qualify to rent a place she'll need to get her state disability insurance running again
>she can't find a psychiatrist to write her a letter because they all say they're not taking new patients and her and her disability makes it too hard for her to call them
>i say ok, wait, where are you searching? are you searching on the insurance website and filtering by accepting new patients, or are you just searching on random websites
>she admits she's just been googling them
>ask for her insurance card so I can help her make an account on the website so she can use their provider search
>"I can't believe you're riding all of this on my disability checks when it's not even income and they might not even consider it!"
>"in that city, it's illegal by ordinance to discriminate against a tenant on the basis of source of income"
>"Just stop! Just stop! Just stop!!!"
>sitting in her room sobbing as I type this
lol what? i feel like im missing something, am i moid brained?

Anonymous 69963

>disability makes it too hard for her to call them
Nah, she's just mentally ill.
Hopefully you went to comfort her by now. Her feelings are illogical and she probably knows this, but she's still feeling them.

Anonymous 69970

You mention she's an ex - maybe she doesn't really want to move with you or live together and is frustrated with the situation. Maybe she feels patronized or stupid because you took her matters into your own hands. Maybe she gets overly stressed by bureaucracy.

Either way, she probably knows that you're only trying to help, like the anon above me said, but might just be overwhelmed. Hope you're able to resolve the situation.

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