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Anonymous 70157

how do you deal with scrote bootlicker pickmes in one on one conversation?

i just talked to a girl in dms (so no males present that she could have been trying to impress) and i was completely unable to explain to her that just because she personally may not feel like feminism is "necessary" in the west, that doesn't mean that that's everyones experience.

she brought up all the classics like "muh women in 3rd world countries", "muh males are disadvantaged too" etc. i think i refuted all of them fairly well but it's like she didn't want to accept that there is an issue in the first place?

idk i feel really lost in this kind of convo somehow, when i think usually i do fairly well making my point even when talking to hopeless incels.
it's just baffling to me that she doesn't see how she is being treated differently and if she sees it what makes her think she should just suck it up/ignore it? have you guys have had any experience with this type of thing

tl;dr how do i pinkpill a pickme

Anonymous 70158

I feel like if you're this into an ideology and this desperate to indoctrinate some one into it then you should probably reassess what's motivating you and why you're so insistent about it, even if you are right. Plus you're really insulting and aggressive about it.

Anonymous 70159


fuck off moid

Anonymous 70161

>All opinions are equally valid and we should tolerate gross ignorance
This is your brain on liberalism

Anonymous 70167

Women shouldn't be expected to gently and carefully explain why they should be treated like human beings, it's not really a hard to understand concept and saying that women deserve rights isn't exactly "aggressive, insulting and insulting," though that's what men usually like to say.

Anonymous 70170

I think this is less of a pick me thing and more about people just being tired of militant 3rd wave feminism that focuses on trannies and homosexuals.

Anonymous 70174


I think if you inform the person that you can be a feminist without being a dumbass, that’s a good first step. Then it’s up to them to educate themselves and make that change. For me, learning the history of female oppression and realizing how little men care for women outside of breeding ability is what got me on the side of being a feminist.

Anonymous 70175


Anonymous 70178

Why do you desperately want to pinkpill a pickme in the first place?

Regardless, I think your main issue is that you're viewing the conversation as a conquest that can be won as opposed to a discourse where you exchange ideas. People may be stupid, but most people pick up on someone displaying an adversarial approach to the discussion going on and only caring about their point. The aggressive bit by bit take down technique only works on third party observers, not opponents. If you want to pursue this type of discourse, you should start an "epic conservative take down montage" youtube channel, because that's who your approach appeals too.

It's this type of attitude that people pick up on. It isn't about being right or wrong, it's about how you're talking to someone else. Steep too long in self-righteous and you'll put off any normies who is typically the target for pinkpills. If you say "well fuck pickmes for not wanting to join my crusade" then you've just proved the pickme right for their judgement of you.

Anonymous 70192

That muslim guy at the end. Like pottery. lol

Incels = ISIS but less effective. Good thing that world is dying, they are afraid times are changing.

Anonymous 70199

>militant 3rd wave feminism that focuses on trannies and homosexuals

But those ARE the pickmes.

Anonymous 70206

really? I always had the opposite understanding, why would pickmes focus on homosexuals? That seems like effort the other way from their goals of appealing to straight men

Anonymous 70207

pickmes focus on moids in general no matter their sexuality
they're always ready to put a scrote before herself

Anonymous 70208

Pickmes would always put trannies before women. The transwomon cult is just a fucked up MRA spin off and has nothing to do with feminism despite their constant use of the word (trans)misogyny, ofc it's more important, as long as men are involved. They're those feminists who think wearing cat eye makeup, red lipstick and selling their hole pics to men on onlyfans in the name of female sex positivity and sex work rights is what feminism is all about.

Anonymous 70213

Pickmes being pro trans and homos makes no sense. They form opinions based on what men like, and men don't like trannies and fags. Liking troons and gays is a 3rd wave feminism thing, and men don't like feminism so a women who's pro modern feminism degeneracy isn't a pickme. You're confusing their reasons for defending trannies/fags.

Anonymous 70214

I believe people can have different opinions but if you think misandry and misogyny are equally bad then you're retarded.

Anonymous 70216

Trannies are men. Pickmes put men first. Therefore, putting trannies first is pickme behavior.

Anonymous 70224

You can't. She has to come to this realization on her own.

Anonymous 70249

But that's what you're confusing. They don't put any kind of men first, they put first the ones that would technically be willing to date them. They want a guy to "pick them" to be their gf, hence the name.
And like I already explained, the "trans women are women" shit is purely a modern feminism idea.

Anonymous 70263

This is /pol/, though
These guys are the lowest of the low. They think even having daughters is the most cucked thing imaginable

Anonymous 70273

>They don't put any kind of men first, they put first the ones that would technically be willing to date them

Yeah, that'd be trannies. You do realize that most of them are straight men, right?

Anonymous 70283

think about it logically.

Anonymous 70285

Straight women don't date trannies. Even the woke feminist ones don't. It is well known that tranners can't get dates and have to end up dating other troons.

Anonymous 70286

/pol/tards are single moids on their last generation and they all know this. They cross between there & /r9k/ a lot so they are not a concern to me they will become extinct.

Anonymous 70287


>It is well known that tranners can't get dates and have to end up dating other troons.
Or they date someone from /pol/ or /r9k/. Which is why they adopt dumb radical ideologies that don't make sense with what they are at all, they just want to belong to a community to be a pick me.

Anonymous 70288


>that image
do moids really

Anonymous 70289

I actually know a little bit about the autistic. There is a legal case out of the UK where it was revealed, I believe by an organization called GIDS (gender identity development service), that the majority of of MtF are literally autistic, and that roughly 25% of FtM are autistic. Taking this into consideration and of course that the MtF get more spotlight due to their being more of them, you can more easily characterize their behavior.

Was watching this video recently, and it's interesting enough if you care about the subject of why they tend to be either extreme Left or extreme Right.

Anonymous 70292

Hot take, IMO

Anonymous 70293

I didn't realize you have to clear the link bar.

Anonymous 70316

the comment sections of his videos aew filled with alt right scrotes saying women are ruining the world lmao the echo chamber

Anonymous 70355

Da fucc are you talking about ? You've never met a male communist or something ? Because my University is full of them

Anonymous 70494


Are you retarded ? I know a lot of men that are communist, fucking marx, engels, gramchi, benjamin,…were all males. Or you are just a moid trolling ?

Anonymous 70539

Most people want not to thing too hard about complicated stuff, especially stuff that would make them question social dynamics like class, race, gender.
As long as they are not endangered (and most people aren't), they'll assume a "middle of the road" position on most things, claiming there are two extremes, and they're just normal people because they don't fall into them.

Your conversation partner would probably agree with you on 99% of your ideas about women and how they should be treated. But she doesn't want to identify with being a feminist, because that implies "taking a side" between incels and SJWs while she's identifying as a normal person.

It's an autistic trait to assume people can be convinced with facts and logic. Autism is correlated with high testosterone, which is why it's overrepresented in males. This makes me suspect OP isn't biologically female.

Anonymous 70543


>it's just baffling to me that she doesn't see how she is being treated differently
You've not given enough info for us to really talk about this. What specifically are you referring to?

But not all girls want to be men. One of the oldest points raised during woman's suffrage was that equal rights would make women lose advantages unique to them as women. A point raised by women. This will never be agreed upon, so get over it.

Anonymous 70565

>not all girls want to be men

No girl can ever be a boy and no woman can ever be a man, nor the other way around. What does that have to do with this conversation?

Anonymous 70569

Anon didn't say you can ever be what youre not. The post specifically talks about how people are treated, not what they are.

Anonymous 70571

Being treated, not being. What the other anon said. The presumption is that in being treated differently she is not being treated interchangeably. That's why I posted that picture.

Anonymous 70574

>being treated

Fair enough. Though now you have to explain why being treated like a woman means being treated like a watermelon with a hole punched in it.

>That's why I posted that picture

Hooters waitresses, like prostitutes, are usually drug-addicted sexual abuse victims. I wonder what they would do for a living if they hadn't gotten "treated like women" when they were preteens.

Anonymous 70575

That's not EXACTLY what I was going for… It's suppose to be the eternal debate of women who are willing to sell themselves rather than skills they have, and of which there will be women willing to do for forever. Not trying to make a moral judgment only that it won't go away, and that it doesn't matter if you like it.

Anonymous 70580

>It's suppose to be the eternal debate of women who are willing to sell themselves rather than skills they have

It's SUPPOSED to be that, but what it actually is is male-controlled industries using deceptive hiring practices and outright trafficking to hijack girls' futures before they've developed any skills at all.

>it won't go away

It will if we hang the johns.

Anonymous 70583

I hate to break this to you, but some bitches are just sluts. They want to fuck and have fun.
>It will if we hang the johns.
Can you stop with the memes and actually address the point. You give men far too much credit.

Anonymous 70587

send her my way then

Anonymous 70676

>some bitches are just sluts

You aren't impressing anyone.

>They want to fuck and have fun

Most women want to fuck and have fun. Getting raped by gross men because the alternative is being homeless is not fun.

Anonymous 70683

i've seen ugly pickmes and those are the ones i don't understand.
moids don't even think of them as humans and they probably experienced it first hand since they're unattractive, then why are they so misogynistic? one even called me a feminist like it's a bad thing. fucking disgusting but also pitiful. they'll just end up being pumped and dumped.

Anonymous 70684

Probably because they've had bad experiences with women as well (bullying etc.). They also might not have ever been catcalled, inappropriately touched, seen as meat and in general been treated in a sexually inappropriate way to have the awareness of how awful men can be (instead we're generally ignored and left out). It's the typical recipe for a "not like the other girls" type.

Anonymous 70687

>Pink Pill is for ugly women
Have you never picked your own partners yourself? Or you just wait around like a loser to be picked up? Whats your life in the down time of that like for example pretty much now in quarantine.

It's better if we choose, if we are the ones being assertive, moids are our property not otherwise.

Anonymous 70761

I don't think the pink pill can be boiled down to just picking your own partners, everyone picks their partners unless they were forced into a marriage.

Anonymous 70768

In my observation, if anything, I think plain and ugly girls are MORE likely to be pickmes. For a couple reasons.

Basically ugly and plain girls learn early on that they are invisible and can never compete with hot girls like Stacy. But they still crave that male attention and validation. So I guess a little lightbulb goes off in their head and they realize they have to resort to other means of getting male attention. So they start looking for spaces where there are tons of guys and very few girls. The most obvious spaces like this are the gaymer community, incel/manosphere boards, and conservative communities. All of these spaces hate feminists and require female members to be good little pickmes in order to be liked.

The conservative movement is a total sausage fest, because most female conservatives are fat Karens. So if you are aged between 18 and 30 and have a vagina you are going to be completely swamped with attention, even if you are ugly or average. Basically it’s a market that hasn’t been completely monopolized by Stacies yet, and easy for plain chicks to enter into. And now women are realizing how much men fetishize virginity and homemaking skills etc, in the upcoming years I bet we are going to see a ton of former lefty thots going full conservatard and lying about their past to try and win a betabux hubby. It’s already starting to happen.

Another reason in my opinion is because hot girls like Stacy can get men to tolerate pretty much anything, even blatant misandry, if she is hot enough, because men will always simp for her regardless. You would expect most extremely hot girls to be pro men, but many pretty girls I talked to have had abusive relationships (Stacies always end up dating the worst guys for some reason) and many were sexually abused or groomed by men growing up. I think they also get redpilled on how shallow and pathetic men are at an early age.

Anonymous 70769

Oh and btw the gaymer community is pretty much exempt now, 10 years ago there were hardly any women in the gaymer community, but now it has been flooded with Stacies and Stacylite twitch thots so it’s a lot harder for plain girls to compete. But even if you are an average girl you can still get a lot of attention on there. Some 5/10 Russian twitchthot recently got someone to buy her a house.

Anonymous 70780

>The conservative movement is a total sausage fest, because most female conservatives are fat Karens. So if you are aged between 18 and 30 and have a vagina you are going to be completely swamped with attention, even if you are ugly or average.
Studies have shown that on average Republicans are more likely to be attractive and financially successful though.

Anonymous 70781

Republican politicians yes, but not their voter base. I assume you're hoping people won't click the link and read at least the title?

Anonymous 70792

Anonymous 71097

>rich af oil barons tend to be more attractive physically than average and have really good education

booohoo you retard. no shit!

as for fucking misogynist cardiac arrest greasy fat Rednecks are they attractive? Fuck no. Yuck.

Anonymous 71191

>as for fucking misogynist cardiac arrest greasy fat Rednecks are they attractive? Fuck no. Yuck.
Republican base is not rednecks, its old suburanites.

Anonymous 71249

>Getting raped by gross men because the alternative is being homeless is not fun.

I'm curious
how did you come to the conclusion you were in such a crossroads?

Anonymous 71533

Where is the line between conservative women being pickmes or simply expressing their beliefs? Because honestly the term sometimes comes off as misogynistic to me, as if men being in the wrong political ideology or hobby makes them at most stupid, whereas the women in the same space are pathetic pickmes.

Anonymous 71558

Just about any conservative beliefs are disregarded on CC, which is stupid cause they're personality drive and that's not something you can change. The assumption seems to be conservative = male.

Anonymous 71561

Ouch. Judging from the replies that hit too close to home.

Anonymous 71562

>That muslim guy at the end. Like pottery. lol
>Incels = ISIS but less effective. Good thing that world is dying, they are afraid times are changing.

Do you mean muslims? They are growing.

Anonymous 75541

This and only this. I've met real life bimbos and they're nice fucking people and other women treat them like animals. You just think you're better than her.

Anonymous 75562

trannies and ethnic minorities you mean? They are almost docile to sexism if it comes from a non-white male. They will find them excuses "oh, it's because of racism!" "but they're oppressed too!".

Ideed. "feminists" whining about islamophobia, while shitting on christianity, is not even delusional at this point. It's begging to be enslaved.
I know the Muslim Brotherhood, and salafism in general, are very good at infiltrating leftist circles. Think about AJ+, he qatari owned progressive media, for instance. I know about that, I know that it's manipulation, but sometimes i feel that some women are unconsciously begging to be subjugated in a patriarchy. Notice how "classic" feminism wasn't trendy at all with young normie women 10 years ago? They thought that if you were a feminist,you must be weird, sexually frustrated, or a butch lesbian… But now that you have to suck trannies or muslim cocks, that you have to celebrate sexual exploitation, in all its forms, feminism is great.
I hate thinking like that. It makes me ashamed of myself for being a woman. It makes me feel like an error of nature.
At least, going on this place, and interacting with TERFs, gives me hope back in womanhood.

Anonymous 75568

It’s an imageboard anon…

Anonymous 75645


this was literally me at 12 lol it made me misogynistic for a while, which was pretty shit. it took me a while to come back to appreciate being a woman.

and yeah. Any woman with conservative views is practically fetishized there, men love it. they still look down on them but somehow also raise them up, like some sort of "virgin, pure, and based" idol. lots of women larp as conservatives for moid points. hating on these girls will do nothing. they're usually like that because they don't get attention from anyone, both men and women. they're likely ostracized by women for not being fully feminine and hang out with guys (even if the guys treat them like shit) because they have no one else. it's awful. the only way to fix these girls is to offer them sisterhood. going to an all-girls school literally saved me.

Anonymous 75646

what was posted?

Anonymous 75656

If I remember correctly, it was some normie calling us immature for using words like “moid” and “scrote”. Must’ve forgot they weren’t on Instagram lmakek

Anonymous 76175

This just crossed my mind. I had a friend who… I'm not going to say too much but she definetly falls into that category. If I said anything remotely negative about men, she'd launch into whining about the few good men she knew… Who ranged from mundane to gross, honestly.

Funny how she was a femcel AND a pickme. That's the part I'm still trying to work out.

Attractive women learn about how men really are very quickly. The most pinkpilled women I've met were often Stacy tier. My friend, a former escort, would say no one hates a man more than a prostitute, stripper, or model.

Anonymous 76176

Wait, but most moids dislike trannies, so why would pickmes, who form their opinion based on what moids like, support fanatically (even against cis moids) a group of mentally ill dudes in dresses and wigs that moids mostly dislike? I am getting an headache halp pls.

Anonymous 76183

NTA but I have my own theory about this. Pickmes see them as the best of both worlds: someone they can indulge in (performative) femininity with while still gaining male attention with a side of social justice points. Doing this with another woman is threatening too threatening for pickmes. With trannies, they can indulge in "girly" things while remaining an NLOG and having what they think is a nonthreatening friend that can provide them with male attention. Even though they're TRAs and will insist Transwomen are women, they know deep down this is a source of that sweet, sweet male attention.

This is where I fizzle out and confuse myself. I haven't determined if they see trannies as the new fag they can hag on… Which is funny because most of those dudes are straight and are more than happy to let loose their misogyny upon them.

Anonymous 76186

I think the common theme amongst the prostitute, the stripper and the model is less being attractive, and more having to cater to moids sexual fantasies. All of those professions use their body to make money, which is something moids dont really do, and so show no respect for, turning the women that do it from women into pretty meat bags that are a blank canvas for their own desires.

Its the whore in the madonna-whore complex, women are either non-sexual saints deserving of adoration or sexual whores deserving of nothing, including respect.

Anonymous 76325

This. I’ve quite literally never in my adult life felt the need to change someone’s opinion. I keep my opinions to myself and move on. I completely avoid argumentative types

Anonymous 76607

Oh, definetly. They see the absolute worst of men very quickly. Even if they grew up realizing it, they get to find out that the hole goes down even further.

What's terrible is that if they speak out about it, they get pegged as SWERFs (which is funny). Otherwise, they're blamed for enabling those poor helpless moids who created and encourage the environment

The Madonna-Whore Complex makes these self-righteous people simultaneously blame women for sex work existing while being the biggest consumers of it. I'm still livid from the dude who compared prostitutes to a castle sewer/moat necessary to drain the filth of society. He even looked like a babyfucker.

Anonymous 76615

because trannies are incel pick mes and also are moids that want to take over our rights?

Anonymous 76817

Are you some kind of troon?

Anonymous 76818


You're not alone

Anonymous 76819

Based YPJ & YPG the only good faction in the middle east is the Kurds. Americans helped them but for oil then threw them under the bus and fucked off once they got what they wanted. YPJ/G lost an important location in aleppo afterwards, all that story was interesting to follow.

Anonymous 77866


Many pick mes will never EVER change their minds no matter what men do to them.

Found out the guy I was dating had his gf and son living in his mommy’s house with him.
I told her he had been lying to both of us for months. Her response: completely silent and blocked me.

Moral is, some women will forgive men for ANYTHING they do.

Anonymous 77868

stockholm syndrome or cuck queans. Either way an abnormality lol.

Anonymous 77873

>posting african memes unironically

Anonymous 77890


Polygamy is the future.

Picrel. Becky thanking Stacey for letting her be the third wheel.

Anonymous 77891

>thank you Stacey
Lmaooooo my fucking sides. Still less cucked than being the other women imo

Anonymous 77979

Eesh idk anon.

being HAPPY the scrote has a more important woman than you, allowing him to legally marry someone else, being a weird coparent and ACCEPTING the role of basically sex toy on the side is the most cucked thing a woman can do.

Finding out and dumping a cheater is one thing.
Telling him you will participate in your own cucking is another.

Anonymous 77985

She's probably staying for financial reasons nonny.

Anonymous 85735

Cut them off, simple as that.

Anonymous 119411

send them this speech

Anonymous 119426

>You just think you're better than her.

Anonymous 119447

Tbh not always. I treated them badly because they reminded me of all the """feminine""" things that were forced on me and that were believed to be more attractive&desirable than my own personality and individuality. These women can be really triggering in that regard. It's misdirected anger I know, but people don't tend to behave rationally when they are emotionally distressed.

Anonymous 119459

i understand

Anonymous 120025

>>70539 Good take.
Any type of -ism shies most normies away because of the connotations with activism or because they aren't invested enough and just want to get by living normally. In reality though it's not some fringe movement but something that tells half of the population are human beings…but that upsets men and affects the women who care for his opinions since we live in such vicinity.

Anonymous 120026

>>70768 Felt this like they are trying to overcompensate. Stacies are in for the money, plain/ugly girls are in to get the fleeting moid affection by appealing to them. Girls generally have less to grovel if they look fuckable enough because men will grovel for them unless of course moids gaslight them to date some homeless scrote. Guys genuinely think male love made stacies pretty and the lack of male prawns makes women miserable violent useless and ugly. Sounds like self projection?

Anonymous 120048

Thanks for sharing, I'm not American but this is fabulous

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