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Anonymous 70240

>I saw him dancin' there by the record machine
>I knew he must a been about seventeen

Anonymous 70242

Your not a woman, I can easily tell. Fucking tranny

Anonymous 70251

>pic related

Speaking of Joan Jett, I once had an argument on Youtube with some deluded moid (probably just a troll) who made a 3-page essay comment describing his night of "erotic passion" where he claimed he had a one night stand with Joan Jett and how cruel and evil she was to never call him back and throw their "precious memories away".
Even if it was true it was pretty laughable, considering it's a gender reversal on a guy being a desperate roadie to some famous chick instead of the other way around like it usually is.

Anonymous 70257

is that the girl from Victorious? Is that Victoria Justice?

Anonymous 70267



No the woman in the picture is Joan Jett from the band The Runaways

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