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Ryoichi Ikegami Anonymous 70333

How do you feel about the art of this particular artist? I figured he may be well known here since he's obsessed with drawing perfect/beautiful males.

Anonymous 70388

I don't know who this artist is. Have never heard of them before, but from this drawing alone I can tell they have an interest in male anatomy. I like it when moid artists aren't too paranoid over their own sexuality and are perfectly okay with drawing pretty boys (good example: Hirohiko Araki author of JoJo)

Anonymous 70396

I find his art very cool, but difficult to read visually

Anonymous 70398


I remember being astounded by how often the dude in Crying Freeman got naked. The mangaka seems to compulsively draw naked dudes, it was so nonsensical and at odds with the overall tone of the series that I couldn't tell if it was meant to be funny or not.

Nice to look at though, I admit.

Anonymous 70399

He wants to show off his anatomical skills at Greek/renaissance statue aesthetics. Like the David statue, etc.
He is a talented artist.

Anonymous 70429

The abs are drawn weird. The rest is nice.

Anonymous 70430

If you're interested, here's a translated documentary where he talks about his art and method with Naoki Urasawa (author of 20th Century Boys, Pluto, among many others).

The series is called Naoki Urasawa no Manben, or Manben for short. There are multiple episodes, but a lot of the subbed ones got taken down, but if you can find them, they're great.

Anonymous 70435


Anonymous 70669

I like his art but the stories he draws for are all pretty boring. I wish he would team up with a different writer. Maybe a fantasy mangaka instead of the crime stories he always does.

Anonymous 72276


There's also Sakamoto who draws nice looking men.

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