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Anonymous 70335

What do you all think of these extreme dating / marriage articles popping up? Clickbait or sign of a dying society?

Anonymous 70337

Why not both? Then again "dying society" has a lot of preloaded political connotations. I doubt you'll find many here that support a society where marriage is common, functioning or working correctly.

Anonymous 70341

It's stuff that has gone on for a long time but there was no internet to tell more people

Anonymous 70345

Pygmalion is at it again.

Anonymous 70509

Fairly sure I read men are having less sex than ever before. Throw the assorted LGBT nonsense on top of that, and the family is also dead. So, yeah. I somewhat frequently think of Roman and how during the collapse they'd have lions and various animals rape women, and then I think things aren't that bad, but then I think of how it's becoming less taboo to at least talk about having sex with dogs. I've seen some of the literature, and I'm not convinced this can be stopped from even just getting worse. It seems to happen every 1,000 years or so, that the intelligentsia effectively disappears and that the low-IQ masses have a bunch of kids which leads to strife, and that years and years later gives way to smarter people after a large percentage of people have died.

Anonymous 70612

There are many other signs besides this, but yeah, I think humanity is heading into a Behavioral sink a la the mice in Calhoun's experiment.

Anonymous 70643

This guy is not the first person who marries or dates an inanimate object.
If these people are happy and aren't hurting anyone, let them do whatever they want even if are weird compared to the average person.

Anonymous 70668

i'd rather have mentally ill men cope with objects than abuse a real woman.

Anonymous 70693

Exactly. It’s like when I find out some online misogynist is a homosexual. This is an absolute win and I wish other men would do the same.

Anonymous 70694

Anonymous 70878

no its cringe

Anonymous 70881

I love when men think they are getting ‘revenge’ on le society/le evil women by taking the dollpill. Little do they realize the government is actually promoting and encouraging use of sex dolls and robots as a placation method to stop incels and other genetic deadend males from chimping out and shooting people.

Anonymous 72261

cringe, but no wonder when we have these white mentally undeveloped men running around claiming to be woman and talking their "ladyboners". it all makes me so sick to my stomach.

Anonymous 72265


This woman married a doll that looks like a dead child. What's your thoughts on this?

Anonymous 72269

She's pratically retarded tho, like, genuine arrested development, with a hyperfixation in zombies.

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