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do scrotes really.…

Anonymous 70406

why are they like this?

Anonymous 70411

Imageboard dwellers? Because they aren't like normal men, or they wouldn't be on imageboards.

Anonymous 70421

13-year-old boys are super cute.

Anonymous 70424


In my experience every man obsessed with teen girls falls into one or more categories:
>Man who missed out on highschool love (chronically unwanted by women), thinks he can get back his lost years by going after girls the age he wishes he could relive.
>midlife crisis boomer who, like the previous example, wants to relive his past and uses teen girls to validate him.
>Extremely narcissistic and manipulative man who goes after inexperienced and easy prey.
>Man addicted to pornography and found his preference for seeking more and more shocking material was was speccing into pedophillia
>Autogynephile tranny who is covetous of female puberty

I couldn't say which version is the most prevalent online today, but any man who specifically seeks out jailbait should be avoided. No, they aren't all like this, but unfortunately well-adjusted men are becoming more and more rare. I will however say that if a female has T&A men will notice her, but mentally stable man don't immediately start pondering her age and fetishizing it, booba is booba. Physically an 18yo and a 26yo female are hard to distinguish so long as they both take proper care of themselves. Most men cannot tell them apart. (For those listed above this is part of the fetish. I have seen men online say they'd rather bag a 2/10 14 year old than a 9/10 25 year old)

Don't listen to their copes about fertility, pair bonding, or domestic servitude. These types always say they want teens because they are the most "traditional" and unsullied women, while they contribute nothing to their lives or their family and would balk at the idea of putting down their vices to become a trad husband. They'll go on about trad young virgin brides but will seek out mentally unstable bpd teens on discord to orbit and blackmail for nudes.

Anonymous 70426

Anecdotes but w/e.
I've spoken to one of these pedo misogynists online before. We weren't close friends, we just contactfagged on 4chan.
He talked down to me and tried to "redpill" me on young women with their typical talking points. It only took 5 minutes of conversation for him to back down once I pointed out how desperate he was for romantic attention.
Turns out he was also literally simping for older women online because he was so deprived of female contact. By his own standards, "worn out, post-wall hags".
I think these men just idolize young females because they can fantasize about themselves imprinting on a clean slate, rather than deal with more experienced women who reject them.

One of my ex-boyfriends immediately became an e-groomer lolicon once we broke up. He was manipulative as fuck already, and must have deduced younger women would be less privy to his tactics. When we were together he was obsessed with "mommy gfs", probably because he was past the point of needing to groom (me) and now needed to make (me) a replacement mommy for emotional support and tendie dispensing.

Men are always idolizing the type of females who would be the most useful to their needs. For incels its usually cradle-robbing before the girl gets a chance to know she could do better than him.
It's miserable how men would rather dream about these perfect female archetypes to cater to all of their flaws instead of just… working on their flaws. They talk so big about how men are so much more proactive and logical than women but can't even put in the effort to have clean laundry let alone fix their major personal issues. Naw, gotta find my 14 year old mommy gf to wash my skid mark undies and never ask a single question about it.

Anonymous 70432

>one or more categories
obligatory "wait these categories cover all men already"

Anonymous 70440

this lol I was having a sleepover with some friends in high school and one of my friends was a total shota-perv, but tbh yeah its more of a guy thing, like basement dweller stuff, these people probably have no social experience outside of their perverted anime

Anonymous 70645

The normal-looking cashier who served you last week could be an imageboard dweller.
Do you really think normal men don't go on imageboards? Any proof for that?

Anonymous 70667

this, men expire by 20

Anonymous 70772

What's worse is every documentary has an incest theme to it, which fucked up^2

Anonymous 70774

A lot of their sexuality is maximizing the number of females under their control. Incest fetishes are born because who is easier to control than your own family members?
Pedophillia is the same. The younger the females are the easier they are to control.

I believe it's not born out of an instinct to seek "fertility", but rather a strategy to out-preform other men. If a man rapes his daughter he's spreading his seed before his competition even has the chance to even interact with her.

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