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Anonymous 70885

Does the perfect hikikomori lesbian relationship even exist? All I want is to live with an equally socially uninterested girl, be in love and spend our days doing whatever together without ever needing to leave home and do lame shit like socialising with others outside of university or work.

Anonymous 70912

I wish.

Anonymous 70934


Anonymous 70974

Only if BOTH are rich.

Anonymous 70975

Nah, I would be fine with both of us working, so long as I have a girlfriend with a similar mindset. But the rich lesbian couple trope also sounds like a good life.

Anonymous 70989

If I was a lesbian, that's the kind of relationship I'd want.
Hope you find your perfect hiki lesbian girlfriend one day, anon.

Anonymous 70998

My ideal gf is in her 20s (preferably early, cuz I'm young myself), has a cat and plays vidya or watches shows/anime in her free time. I don't watch anime beyond stuff for games that I played, but girls who do are so cute to me for some reason.

Anonymous 71003

Anonymous 101242

>University or work
every time. if you go to school or work you are not a hiki and you are most certainly not a neet either

Anonymous 101249

No, go outside.

Anonymous 101250

I always saw being hiki as a step above being neet, which is somebody who's not in employment, education or any kind of training. A hiki is a modern-day hermit and socially withdrawn, I somehow don't see zoom calls fitting into that description.>>101245

Anonymous 101380


>Does the perfect hikikomori lesbian relationship even exist?
Is there any possibility for any lesbian relationship to not be toxic? Lezbo anons please tell about your experinces.

Anonymous 101566

Oof yes. Avoid dating bis, transmen, or any male identified women. Controversial but that’s been my experience along with all of my febfem/lesbian friends. We avoid those three for the same reasons. My relationship hasn’t been 100% argument free but it’s not toxic and i’m very satisfied being with another lesbian separatist. it’s not a “lesbian” relationship if one of them isn’t a lesbian. It’s same sex.

Anonymous 101570

Why do people want to identify as NEET or hikki so bad? To feel unique? They need to accept they're just introverts and not special.

Anonymous 101572

>Avoid dating bis, transmen, or any male identified women.
Nta but it should be pretty obvious dating lesbians is a good first step to having a good lesbian relationship yes.

Anonymous 101581

What about internalizes mysoginy? That makes almost impossible for some of us (I include myself) to make female friends. The special connection between two girlfriends would be very vulnerable if any of them had the slightlest amount of internalized mysoginy, something almost inevitable. Damn, it's giving me a hard time with my bf sometimes too.

Anonymous 101589

inb4 "stop gatekeeping"

Anonymous 101605

le neet question g…

I'm a dyke who was a hikki for a long time and now that I'm out of it (well kinda because of rona) I don't wanna go back. Falling for the hikki/NEET meme is easily one of the worst things I have done in my life, I developed severe mental and physical health issues and I don't think I could go out with someone like that. Also if you really are "socially uninterested" as you say you wouldn't be looking for relationships. I only get >tfwnogf when I'm horny, I could not be in a relationship any other time. Sorry, OP.

Anonymous 101611


knew a lesbian hikki who wanted me to be her gf when i was underage when we met
both of us got older over the years, we lost hope and contact for the best…
hikki lesbians are digital goddesses at this point, it's like they only come in a vision in the middle of the night and then never to be seen again

Anonymous 101623

a NEET can be an extrovert…
If I do nothing - why wouldn't I call myself NEET

Anonymous 102033

I wish.
t.also hikkineet lesbian

Anonymous 102039


tbh last year i thought i was going to get a fellow hikkineet gf but she turned out to be a tranny.

it's partially my fault tho for loving moeshit and general…idk, oldschool /jp/ aesthetics. lots of men in this sector of anime

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