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Anonymous 70972

Is having an affair fun?

Anonymous 70973


Whoever does this kind of stuff is one of the most degenerate I know.
That i why I am still single. That people even think about that…
Absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous 70981

No. Why do you think it's marketed towards moids with the seductive girl saying shh there? It's degenerate stuff narcissistic sociopathic douchebag moids do to every women they lay.

Anonymous 71111

Objective rule: if its advertisement caters to male depravity, to the male gaze, etc., in any way, it probably does not benefit women.

Underrated litmus test for how liberating, beneficial to women and girls, something is: does it give men easier access to sex? If yes, it probably is not as good as libfems think it is.

Anonymous 71219

if your relationship is not close enough to the point where you could tell that someone is cheating on you in the first week, it's not worth it anyway

Anonymous 71222

Anonymous 71256

laughing high qual…

>Ashley Madison
>most "women" on the site were bots
>charged a ransom fee when people wanted to delete their profiles
>still kept a copy even when the ransom fee was paid

Anonymous 71261


Anonymous 71330

I don't think so. A doctor who messaged me off reddit with 6 pack abs and a gigantic cock keeps trying to get me to let him fuck me anally, and truth is I really just don't want to. Is he more attractive than my husband? Absolutely, but my marriage is one of the very best things about my life right now, and I can't see giving that up for 10 minutes of painal with some random stranger.

Anonymous 71371

Your marriage sucks.

Anonymous 71401

I agree you should get a divorce and find someone more worthy of you queen

Anonymous 71402

100% sure he is messaging other women as well.

Anonymous 71457

You've never met my husband and know nothing about our relationship. I don't know why you would suggest such a terrible thing??

Anonymous 71458

My husband treats me like a queen, understands my hysteria due to all the trauma in my childhood, takes care of me whenever I need it, makes me laugh, spends all his time with me, buys me everything I want, helped me get out of toxic relationships I had, gave me a new circle of friends, I love him so much and he makes me the happiest ever that's why I married him

Anonymous 71459

Why do BPD-chans insist it's hysteria when that was historically the same as BPD? It was considered a mental health condition back in the day and it's still a condition now.

Anonymous 71461

I don't think I have borderline personality disorder. I know I have cPTSD and have been diagnosed with that, never BPD. I should've called it PTSD episodes and general low self esteem but it's an internet forum so not being too careful about semantics.

Anonymous 71487


Anonymous 71495

why are you even speaking to this pervy Doc that just wants to put it up your butt ? Disrespectful behind your husband's back imo.. if you don't enjoy affairs why are you atleast having this sexually and emotionally fueled one?

Anonymous 71498

cPTSD and BPD have very similar symptoms (especially in women) and both result often because of childhood traumatic experiences
that's why women can be misdiagnosed as BPD when they have cPTSD and vice versa.
moids are generally diagnosed as cPTSD though

Anonymous 71521

I posted a picture of my butt to one of reddit's /askdoctor/ places because I had an issue and wanted to know if it was serious enough to warrant a doctor's visit (the general consensus from verified physicians was that it could be something bad like a parasite but with the absence of other negative symptoms it's nothing to be worried about).

From there one of the verified physicians messaged me claiming to know more about the issue specifically because this was his area of specialty, in exchange for more ass pics.

Obviously at this point I recognized his interest as not genuine, called him disgusting, and blocked him.

He made a second account to try and do the same thing, begged me to let him fuck me despite me clearly being married, and I ended up deleting my reddit account.

Anonymous 71531

this weird, very long pink string was coming out of it. To this day I have no idea what it is, but it kind of looked like intestine or even a parasite so I started freaking out

Anonymous 71541

yeah it was coming out of my anus. I eventually broke it when showering. I thought it might be leftover cum that somehow migrated to my butt, but it was very tough and fibrous, like a worm. I guess the rest "retreated" back into me idk. Gaah it still freaks me out

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