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Vista del atardece…

My brother died Anonymous 71131

Hi /b/ sometime ago i posted a thread where i explained my situation with my brother who wanted to be a boxer for the girls. Of course he make it and went to the local fights. To make it short, 2 days ago in one of his fights he was punched pretty badly and entered to the hospital but due to corona he didn't get medical care (i live in Mexico).

Why are men like this? i loved and still love my brother more than anything and yet that wasn't enough for him. I mean, he wanted girls to look at him but he could made other things that doesn't get him dead.

Anonymous 71139

Pretty skeptical of this very dramatic tale, but let's say we go with it. Men are driven to prove themselves physically and to make a show of beating other men to claim women. A large reason they have dominance disputes and their autistic staredowns is cause their position gives them claim to women.

Anonymous 71146

Oonga boonga idiocy. Rip for the onichan. You should just have said corona though… Box has very little to do with it.

Anonymous 71152

damn wish that were me

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