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./dakumakura/ Anonymous 71471

Anyone else sleep with a dakimakura?
I know they are ususally associated with moids that fetishize anime girls but I find one really makes sleeping comfortable and is nice to cuddle.

Anonymous 71473

Just use a side sleeper pillow, anon. I used to have one, it was great.

Anonymous 71477

I kind of like the cute image as well it is cute on my bed and also is a protective factor against self harm because I go
>wow those thoughts annoying me telling me cut
>oh well if you cut dakimakura will get bloody
>maybe I wont cut then
And it is kinda really helpful.

Anonymous 75544


The way you described it makes it sound like a powerful therapy tool lol. Good job self soothing anon <3. 2d husbus are helpful, I had them late into adulthood. Then it's like your brain redirects self care as 2d husbu care. kinda like those "hey girl" ryan gosling memes.

Anonymous 75591


I do not intend to ever have children but I sleep with a pregnancy pillow bc it absolutely slaps.

I used to have just a normal body pillow but these things are even more comfortable.

Anonymous 75649

I use one because I fetishize anime boys and they are really comfortable.

Anonymous 75652

I have one because I like collecting merch in general, but I don't like them in a sexual way, they're just cute and comfy to hug

Anonymous 75672

Just get one, anon. Sounds like it'd help you calm down and keep a clear mind.

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