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Anonymous 71478

Being in love with another woman is the best feeling in the world. How can straightoids (a/k/a nolovecels, rapevictimcels, domesticabusecels) even compete?

Anonymous 71480

maybe celebrate loving women for the sake of loving women instead of looking down on straight/bi women for being victims of domestic abuse

Anonymous 71481

op what's the image from?

Anonymous 71484

Sometimes I think lesbians are more annoying than moids

Anonymous 71485

Sont lesbians have higher rates of domestic abuse than hetro couples?

Anonymous 71486

Anonymous 71488

yeah, where is this from?

Anonymous 71489


Anon, i have a question that maybe you can help me with.
How can i meet and really fall in love with another girl if i'm so shy that i can't even start to talk to one?
It really sounds like an incel putting it like that lol.
I have no problems talking to boys because i Just don't really like them in the same intensity, or in the same way.
I basically gave up Just because of how much i drop the spagetthi.

Anonymous 71499


whatever. I'm happy on my own

Anonymous 71505

What is this supposed to prove?

Anonymous 71517

Someone asked for stats I gave the stats.

Anonymous 71518

based af
there's nothing better than loving and being loved by someone with a soul

Anonymous 71519

except you're maybe a moid troll
but the truth that lesbians are blessed stands

try not shaming victims either

Anonymous 71523

This why do dykes always act like eating each other’s snatch is cheat codes for life? They’re as smug as MGTOWcels

Anonymous 71532

>i don't believe you can be loved by someone that has been conditioned to consciously or subconsciously believe you're subhuman, all their lives.

That's spot on. Wish more women would realize this.
i just backpedalled cause i dont wanna be banned again lmao

Anonymous 71535

Only the butch-y ones are annoying. Because they talk and behave like straight guys.

Anonymous 71536


do google image search or something, i dont remember

Anonymous 71537

lol I love how you call us "domesticabusecels" when the rate of physical, moral and sexual violence in lesbian relationships is significantly higher than in heterosexual ones. Lesbian are objectively worst then moids.

Anonymous 71538

Anonymous 71539

Not op and I think men can be pretty okay (I even have male friends I love) but personally I'd prefer a woman punch me than a man if it came down to it.
Chances are a gf will be shorter and lighter, therefore much weaker than me. I've been punched by smaller female friends before and it's nothing. But a man could just wipe me tf out and I'm not into risking it all for wiener.

As well, these stats often include violence at the hands of men as well.
In this last one you posted
>"Most perpetrators were men"
>"Nearly half (46%, n=41) of the lesbians who reported experiences of violence reported only male perpetrators, and almost the same number (48%, n=42) reported both male and female perpetrators."
from page 75

That said, I'd never claim gay relationships are all peace all the time. Some people are just shitty, women included. We all just need to avoid shitty people and be careful.
Take care of yourselves, anons! ilu

Anonymous 71540

Oh for fuck's sake, you lesbophobic shitheads always bring up that stupid study without ever reading it. No, it doesn't say that lesbians commit more domestic violence against their partners than other categories. It only says that they experience higher rates of DV without mentioning the sex of the abusers, which by the way, were mostly their MALE ex partners. It doesn't even make any sense, women are not remotely as physically violent as men. Why the fuck would you believe that lesbians are somehow more violent than men???

Anonymous 71549

my ex-girlfriend's new girlfriend threatened to rip my uterus out from me while i am alive and conscious, sure thing sounds non-violent, lesbians are so pure and innocent

and my ex-girlfriend straight up abused me and when I found the power to escape from her abuse her clique started bullying me

they even found a justifiable "reason" to make my life a living hell: i am bi, and that meant to their biphobic asses that i would cheat anyway or something

currently i am married to a bi man, we have been living together for several years and unlike my ex he never was even a tiny bit abusive, both mentally and physically

abuse is so much more than being punched
mental abuse can be way more violent than physical, and I lived through that lesbian abuse

never again

Anonymous 71552


Why can't we just all agree that some people are fucking awful regardless of one's gender?
I've met guys who were completely fucked up in the head, as well as woman, the same way that i've met guys that turned out to be great friends.
Propaganda on the internet makes people think everyone in real life 1 or 100.

Anonymous 71556

tineye, google, bing, yandex, and baidu reverse image search came up with nothing on this image or the one in the OP.

spoon feed me pls

Anonymous 71567

>lesbians are so pure and innocent

Literally no one is saying that. I have an awful ex gf of my own and I know first hand how terrible women can be.
I'm really sorry about what happened to you, no one deserves going through that and I'm glad you found someone you feel safe with. But that doesn't change the fact that it's just your personal experience. I know dozens of women who went through atrocious abuse with men, some of them outright losing their lives because of it. While the women I know who dated women have had mostly smooth experiences, with a couple emotional abuse cases. In the end, anecdotal evidence doesn't cut it here.

Anonymous 71571

I'm sorry, anon. I also knew a girl who was abused by one of her exes and had a strained relationship with another; she grew to have difficulty connected to others due to that and family trauma. She is happily married (to a woman) now, though.

I also dislike when OP or anyone else claims lesbians are pure (or shits on hetero women because I do love women). No group is 100% gentle and kind, and I stated so in my post at the end. But I agree with >>71567 that you cannot simply switch to anecdotal after failing to prove your initial claim with your own source.

Perhaps nice lesbians will befriend you at some point and you can work through the trauma. Or maybe not! You're as free to avoid gay women as pinkpillers who choose to avoid men, especially if it makes you feel safer and happier.

I still lu.

Anonymous 71573

I agree.

>Literally no one is saying that.
Literally OP is saying that. A fuckton of posts and pastel pink webcomics stating how better the relationships between women are saying that. An entire sex-repulsed subgroup, not even asexuals, who bought into that patriarchal shit about sex being dirty are saying that.

All this shit about lesbian relationship being "special" and "better" was a reason why I was stuck in an abusive relationship in a first place, because I was an idiot teenager, easy to use and abuse which was exactly what my ex and a choir of "lesbian relationship is so much better" did. Maybe it's my personal experience, maybe it's just anecdotal evidence, but this is something that needs to be told and heard, lest another idiot teenager would doubt quitting an obviously abusive relationship because she was led to believe that a lesbian relationship can't be abusive and if she thinks different, she is a "lesbophobic shithead"

>you cannot simply switch to anecdotal after failing to prove your initial claim with your own source
nta. I didn't post any sources or claims. I was just passing by and decided to bring my own couple of cents into the conversation.

>Perhaps nice lesbians will befriend you at some point and you can work through the trauma. Or maybe not! You're as free to avoid gay women as pinkpillers who choose to avoid men, especially if it makes you feel safer and happier.

Thanks, anon. I have no ill will towards gay women, though I used to have, but see above: an idiot teenager. I just grew out of the black and white mentality, thankfully.

Anonymous 71588


This image reminds me of this.

Anonymous 71615


>calling over discord until 5am

Anonymous 71621


>Not being on discord 24/7 and sleeping in voice

Anonymous 71924

I am bisexual and my main sexual preference involves women rather than men but I am too intimidated to try dating women. The main reason being that I cannot give myself an orgasm, even using a vibrator, therefore I feel like I won't ever be able to sexually satisfy a woman. So now I'm forever stuck dealing with emotionally retarded manchildren because on top of this, I have horrible luck with men appearing great at first and then unveiling their true colors once I am emotionally invested. Fucking kill me please

Anonymous 72826

Anonymous 72927

> domesticabusecels
Domestic violence is most prevalent in lesbian relationships (in UK at-least) noone knows why …

Anonymous 72928

1. This is further proof to me that art school is full of bad people (not the author)
2. What did Daryl from Walgreens do wrong? That's how I got my last boyfriend's number.

Anonymous 73009

thank you, friend

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