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Anonymous 71547

>lesbos had the same polycule culture as troons do before they became mainstream
How does this make you feel?

Anonymous 71555

not surprised

Anonymous 71560

This story is hilarious. Any fringe group of person like that always end up being childish tards.

Anonymous 71570

>trannies breathe air, you know who also breathes air? that's right, dykes!
lesbians have been a thing since women have vaginas, trannies are a thing recently invented by a dozen of pharmaceutical companies. bad comparison.

Anonymous 71575

I'm old enough to remember that a lot of the arguments used against trannies now were used against lesbians and gays first. The fearmongering that we were out to convert your kids, accusations of promiscuity, the slippery slope to pedophilia, the locker room panic, even calling us mentally ill. Of course it's a bit different with trans because of biological sex w/ issues like locker rooms and sports, but it feels like some terfs out there have an axe to grind (pun not intended), and trannies make a convenient target.

Anonymous 71599

>the arguments used against trannies now were used against lesbians and gays first. The fearmongering that we were out to convert your kids, accusations of promiscuity, the slippery slope to pedophilia

Hate to say it, but it turns out that slope really was slippery.

Anonymous 71601

Dykes are domestic violence aficionados.

Anonymous 71603

sick fucks have always and will always try to use lgbt to get attention. yesterday it's NAMBLA, today it's MAPs. but that shit's on them. nobody wants them around.

Anonymous 71604

And they were right, as you can see today. The only difference is that homosexuality got completely normalized. Trannies are still in the process of being normalized.

Anonymous 71609

Ok tranny

Anonymous 71611

I can smell your dick cheese from here.

Anonymous 71626


Anonymous 71627

>secular feminists with no ulterior motives
lol i'm sorry are you baiting? you are saying if it's a man it's biased but if it's a woman it can't be. didn't you just inadvertently refute this with your own post? it's bizarre.

not that i disagree but troons are basically irrelevant outside of hate circlejerks that obsess over them and along with moids in general like this website does almost exclusively these days since you arrived and troons will die off as normal people get fed up, academia comes around to a more lucid perspective, the medical world is help to account, and as their own community becomes self-aware.

Anonymous 71658

>troons are basically irrelevant outside of hate circlejerks
>normies, academics, and doctors are all taking them seriously and we have to wait for those communities to realize they got conned

These can't both be true. Brotip: the second one is true.

Anonymous 71661

>academics and doctors are all taking them seriously
Why do you think that is?

Anonymous 71662

They are giving kids hormones for nothing and only very recently are they catching up with the repercussions because people are starting to bring the lawsuits. Serious medical research into the topic is pretty much banned. Troons are successfully lobbying for inclusion in women's sport despite scientific evidence that they retain male physical advantages. Kids are pretty much required to state "their pronouns" if they don't want to be socially excluded and shamed. Lesbians are turning into fakebois en masse. It's looking bleak.

Anonymous 71665

No I meant why are all academics and doctors taking them seriously.

Anonymous 71669

oh sorry anon i'm retarded. it's because of the usual astroturfing stuff.

Anonymous 71689


Because they're troons.


Because they make a shitload of money off of experimental surgeries with an incredibly low risk of getting sued.

Anonymous 71695

Because the slippery slope of the belief that everyone is actually equal is continuing to drive it's course.

Anonymous 71718

Anybody who knows a lesbian irl knows what they're like. It's only the sheltered, overly online tumblr/twitter kinds who think they're some sort of unsullied feminine vanguard for all women.

Anonymous 72271

honestly it's probably necessary just to keep their sex lives active. 'Lesbian bed death' is a known thing that happens in long term lesbian relationships.

Anonymous 72274

>"And in this world of women, intimacy was currency."
Is it just me, or does that quote make a world without men seem that much more cozy?

Anonymous 72275

Sounds cozy but the reality is intimacy has always been able to be used as currency. Japan has pretend boyfriends, pretend girlfriends, host clubs, etc.

Anonymous 72599

communes are a bit different from transbian polycules; this is more like what hippie free-love straight people tried to do in the 60s than what transbians do today. a better precedent for transbian behavior is what gay men used to be like when they were more fringe than they are now.

Anonymous 72602

Because of the conspiracy in academia to keep alternate, non-left viewpoints down.
Trannies have successfully convinced everyone that questioning their movement is on par with being a Neo-Nazi. Doing serious research into transgender issues is like doing research into eugenics: unsupported and career-ending. That's why no one wants to dig up anything that might implicate this movement. And this goes for sociology and medical biology alike.

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