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Called up a brothel today Anonymous 71581

I called a brothel today. I asked the madam if I could 'order a woman', and I asked her how many girls had been raped in her brothel. I said that I was worried about the women.

She said I was a piece of shit and that she would call the cops on me and give them my number.

Yes. Send male violence.

Men rule over us. That's how you know. That's what she resorts to. The cops.

We know that the number of women raped in that brothel is above zero. If it weren't, why would she have been so triggered by my phone call? Yet I am the one who she wants to punish. Not the men. The woman. Because she can.

Anonymous 71582

She probably told you off because it's a business and you're wasting her time. Rape and sex trafficking are real problems, but harassing workers because you don't like what they do is not cool.

Anonymous 71583

If you did that, you sound like the kind of creep who gets off to the idea that brothel women are raped anyway. What favor here are you exactly doing?

Anonymous 71584

Keep licking those john balls, maybe some day you'll enjoy it

Anonymous 71585

To suggest that I as opposed to johns and pimps in any way enjoy thinking about women being raped is gaslighting of the highest order

Anonymous 71586

I did not suggest that. I stated what it probably sounded like to the madam.

Anonymous 71587

No; I made very clear that I was anti-prostitution, and she understood it too. She still said she'd send pigs

Anonymous 71589

It should also be mentioned that prostitution is legal in my country

Anonymous 71590

You're the freak obsessing over whores and balls enough to harass some woman working the desk. I do not nor will I ever support men. You sound like a loon.

Anonymous 71591

There is a war against women
The Allies in WWII would shoot a man for desertion. A woman isn't even allowed on a radfem imageboard to be a big meanie to a grown ass brothel manager.
So, go on, enlighten me, sis
Why would I care what you have to say about me when it's obvious you don't give a shit?
Also, most of us crazies already know we're crazy. You think no one's ever let me know before?

Anonymous 71592

9 out of 10 sex workers, IIRC, end up regretting it or are in the business because they have to be, not for fun. So much for sisterhood, eh?

You sound both mentally ill and ugly. It is your choice whether you allow the latter to be simply on the outside or on the inside as well.

Anonymous 71595

>I asked the madam if I could 'order a woman'
>I asked her how many girls had been raped in her brothel

The way you've worded this makes it sound like you want to act out some rape fantasy with a prostitute or that you get off to talking about rape over the phone.

Even if she didn't think that, women have been trained by the patriarchy not to think about how badly men treat us. She either thought you were a crazy protesting feminist looking to damage her income or she is just in complete denial that rape happens at all in brothels.

Anonymous 71597

I didn't mean to imply OP is not a woman.

Anonymous 71614

I mean this in the politest way possible, but are you autistic OP?
This isn’t a normal way to approach these situations. If you’re worried about sex trafficking etc find local organisations or charity’s to help out or fundraise for. Don’t ring up brothels with what is, unfortunately, a weird chain of conversation.

Anonymous 71618

There was only one US soldier shot for desertion in the entirety of ww2, "sis".

Anonymous 71619

Sex workers like their jobs, they're not victims.

Anonymous 71622

>call brothel
>ask weirdly worded questions that make you sound like a creep who gets off to rape
>get angry when the owner thinks you are some sort of loony
>come here to bemoan your oh so terrible experience
>get angry when others point out you may have done something wrong in the process

Are you deranged OP? Are you a troll?

Anonymous 71630

Coercion is a huge problem in the world of prostitution, some like their jobs but I doubt its close enough to a majority to make such a blanket and absolute statement like 'sex workers like their jobs'.

Anonymous 71631

OP don't even try to have this discussion here, the female only boards (LC, CC) are full of handmaidens and scrotes, you won't find any support here.

kek you know how many organisations actually work with pimps and cops? Same with "charities" for children that actually work with rich pedos all around the world, it's all connected.

Anonymous 71648

No one is going to pay for a sad prostitute anon. Are you that dumb? Men can’t stand having it on their conscience that the teenager they met 10 minutes ago maybe doesn’t actually want to suck their saggy 50 year old balls and is only doing it so she won’t be beaten by her pimp.

Anonymous 71655

Yes, all sex workers just love their lives. It's not like the PTSD rate is higher for them than it is for war veterans or anything like that…

Anonymous 71657

>No one is going to pay for a sad prostitute anon
Lmao of course they will. Read some posts from actual johns, I recommend a compilation from Invisible Men Canada. Men don't give a fuck, they will pay anyway. They will see obvious signs that the girl is being trafficked, doesn't speak a word in english etc. and they will pay and fuck her anyway. Some will bitch that the girl was sad or didn't show any emotion at all but that won't stop them from fucking (raping) her.

Anonymous 71660

Good point. I gave men more credit than they are worth.

Anonymous 71670

sources ? You sound like some QAnon freak

Anonymous 71674

Agree with above, please give sources. I'm curious to see this rabbit hole

Anonymous 71684

You're retarded.

Anonymous 71686

>I made very clear that I was anti-prostitution

As am I, but think of it from the madam's perspective.

>Someone calls up, anti-prostitution

>Asks to order a woman anyway
>Asks how many girls have been raped in her brothel
>Says she's worried about the women

I understand where you're coming from and what your intentions are, but you did it in a way that could make it seem like a prankster trying to delegitimise her business - I understand that a lot of those girls are treated horribly, but I don't know if this is the best way to resolve that issue. It's definitely an overreaction on her part to call the police, or even threaten to. Also I'd just like to point out police officers can be male and female - I'm guessing you live somewhere like Europe or Australia/NZ because brothels are legal where you are, I've seen a lot of police women where I live.

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