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Anonymous 71756

>bf left me because I wont lose weight
Im 150 pounds

He's dating an asian now

Anonymous 71758

And how tall are you?

Anonymous 71762

Anonymous 71766

you are fat omg

Anonymous 71767

Sounds bait-y but if not…why on earth would he date you in the first place if he found you fat? The absolute state of some people.
Perhaps you are not taking perfect care of your health, but he's dumb and will date people he hates as he is unable to be alone. Being unable to be single is weak as fuck.

Anonymous 71768

I recently gained more weight during the lockdown

Anonymous 71772

>thinks 150 is light
>dates an asian
Chances are high he's a closet pedo

Anonymous 71774

Don't be racist. I like asian boys too because they look younger and smarter. And yes I mean almost exclusively koreans or japanese.

Anonymous 71780

Still kind of weak since you didn't become obese, just slightly overweight. And anyone leaving someone they should love over something superficial like this is bizarre. Must suck to have a narrow range of what turns you on and not be aroused by love alone.

Anonymous 71855

lose weight fatty it ain't that hard beggars can't be choosers

Anonymous 71866

imagine altering your body and diet for some scrote
fuck that

Anonymous 71867

Imagine thinking you deserve anything or anybody if you can't even take care of yourself at a basic level

Anonymous 71869

afaik, that's called being a moid

Anonymous 71882

Well that’s life. I’m not trying to be an ass or anything but fatties are not the most attractive people for both sexes, so you should better start losing weight now. I’m naturally thin so I never needed to, but there are some exercises you can do at home. How efficient they are, I can’t say for the aforementioned reason but it shouldn’t hurt to try. Also, try to ignore the bucket crabs ITT trying to make you think the state you’re in is perfectly fine. Think of it as keeping yourself healthy, if you will.

Anonymous 71883

>dating an asian
unless he is asian too you dodged a bullet. all guys with yellow fever are ugly manchildren, it is the law.

Anonymous 71901

It's not a sin to speak frankly, or even to be rude

Anonymous 71938

Lose some weight you fat fuck.

Anonymous 71940

Why do you feel bad because he's a dumb weirdo? Was he otherwise so great you were going to be with him forever? I find that highly unlikely.

Anonymous 71946


I don't get this post. Is it a parody of something?
First of all, 150 pounds on 5'4 doesn't sound fat to me. Pic-related (right side) is about the same height and weight as OP and looks good. How is this considered fat? Secondly, what's with mentioning that his new gf is Asian? Stereotyping much? They're not the only people on earth who can be thin and they have fat people too. Yes, as fat as the girl in this pic before she lost weight.

Anonymous 71948

>150 pounds on 5'4 doesn't sound fat to me

American detected.

Anonymous 71949

mfw literally can't tell the difference between these two images

Anonymous 71951

Are you even looking at her arms, her face, or how the dress fits? It's very easy to see the difference.

Anonymous 71956

Her bag was really heavy.

Anonymous 71960


Cunt detected. Just face it, not all women are going to want to be pro-ana thots that live off of nothing but air and sunlight. Some of us enjoy EATING AND LIVING and that's fucking okay. I swear. It's so toxic seeing how people on here idealize anorexia like it's the cure to all body image suffering.
Newsflash: It's not.
If you become an ED thot and starve yourself to double digits, here's what will happen:
Your organs are going to fail you. Your hormones will be out of balance. Your testosterone levels will rise and you'll lose hair on top of your head, meanwhile hair will start to grow in all the delightfully wrong places like your upper lip, chin, and arms.
You'll have heart palpitations, yellowed skin from jaundice, and you'll feel like your heart is going to give out if you simply get up and walk 5 steps.
There is nothing alluring about being an anorexic stick girl, and everyone that deludes you into believing it's anything idyllic and worth dreaming about can go walk 5 steps off a cliff.

Anonymous 71965

images - 2019-05-0…

>Pic-related (right side) is about the same height and weight as OP and looks good
>looks good

Anonymous 71990


Anonymous 71994

My ex cheated on me after dating for 4 years because I gained some weight and was 160 lbs 5'9''. I'm on a diet now but man it feels bad.

Anonymous 72000

This one >>71946 looks overweight but the one you posted looks underweight. My bmi is 19.5 so I'm definitely not a fatty but I also don't resemble the skeletor you posted. Why is retarded pro-ana scum allowed on this site btw?

Anonymous 72002

Imagine the stretch marks.

Anonymous 72011


The silver lining of being this deep in denial is that when you lose your feet to the 'beetus, you will neither notice nor miss them.


Anonymous 72013

If this girl had a smaller chest (not uncommon for other women with her body type), most people would call her an anorexic stick and men would find her too bony to be attractive.

Anonymous 72028

She looks too bony, like a supermodel. Most guys don't actually prefer the skinny model body.

Anonymous 72040

Nta but there's a middle ground between being ana and a fatty.
I'll likely never be diabetic since I never consume refined sugar in even minuscule amounts and partake in moderate exercise daily, but I also don't and will never look like >>71987

OP is overweight, but also…BMI 21-23 women exist.
And it's worth noting that women who are BMI 25-27-ish are a different league than 30+. The former group can reasonably get to a healthy weight in the short term, but obese people have created quite a challenge for themselves.
That may be why anons are saying OP isn't "that bad" since she can reverse the problem pretty easily, even just by cutting the liquid calories and extra snacking. At least that was my thought pattern.

But if you think anything above BMI 20 is fat then I suppose we just believe different things and that's that. If so, have a nice day.

Anonymous 72043


Supermodels aren't bony.

Anonymous 72054

Nothing wrong with having them.

Anonymous 72056

There's something in between skeletors and fatties, ana-chan.

Anonymous 72065


That's actually pretty bony, you could have used a better example.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79656

Moved to >>>/feels/53605.

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