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Crypto currency Anonymous 72006

What type of crypto do you all own?

Anonymous 72010


Anonymous 72031

>not going all in on THE GRAPH

Anonymous 72034

it's had a working product for a while now, doesn't that prove token-not-needed?

Anonymous 72036

>Unless you're an underground criminal

Guns, wrongthought media (books, videos, podcast subscriptions, etc.), food from vendors without vaccine passports, and equipment for growing your own food are all likely to become illegal. If any of that matters to you, why wait until after the bans to get your wallet?

(If you're unsure if it matters to you, remember that CC is a wrongthink hotbed.)

Anonymous 72038

Where do you live that they won't?

Anonymous 72135


how god don't tell me the anti-vax have found this board

Anonymous 72140

No. Why would it be a good thing to take away sane people's defenses?

Anonymous 72171

Switzerland has had 0 mass shootings and managed to remain neutral during 2 world wars. It also has less stabbings than the UK yet guns are legal. Just because the US sucks doesn't mean guns suck.

Anonymous 72203

If the weak can't rely on the strong, then they need tools to make them bigger. But as long as a non-lethal alternative exists then the job of killing should be left to the professionals

Anonymous 72259

None of this is due to gun laws. There is not even a proven minor effect from it.

You are mentally castrated and insist on having what little power a normal person could get taken away. Self-defence is not even valid in most countries either. I don't know why you support your own slavery. You will take whatever nonsense is imposed on you and rationalise it as good or needed too. Mentally castrated by the state and media.

Anonymous 72471

BTC and ETH.

Anonymous 76219

Good call there.
I picked up some ADA around that time for ~30c and sold at ~90c

BTC and ETH are always good.

I'm picking $SPARTA and $EGG as gems for this month.
Though likely no one will read this before then

Anonymous 76248

ETH and PNK mainly.

Anonymous 76285


For me it's Bancor.

Anonymous 76287

die coinsnores

Anonymous 76294

Been thinking of investing, but not sure where to dive in first.

This. Guns are the only truly equal playing field. I have more trust in my gun to protect me than I do for a moid not to attack me.

Anonymous 76304

Have a look into BSC, that's Binances smart chain.
You can do swaps essentially like Uniswap but with 5-10c fees.
A lot of people are moving there early to avoid gas bs

Anonymous 76305

I have a little bit of XMR and BTC, plus the usual normie stuff like 401(k) & Roth IRA.

Anonymous 76359


Anonymous 76570


Baste. My dad made me get a Roth IRA last year and I've already tripled my original investment.

Anonymous 76604

crypto strikes me as a scam tbh. I hang around /biz/ to collect pink wojaks and see what those asshats are buying. 99% of the time, a new crypto just came out and it rises, then it's bagholder city until a new thing rolls around and garners interest.

Anonymous 76653


Anonymous 78844

>try to buy ETH through metamask but it doesn't work
>binance usd authentication has been going through for a week and no progress
how do you buy and convert it into shitcoins? I want to make a quick buck and double my investments off some dumb animal coin. biz moves too fast to ask and I don't wanna get called names.

Anonymous 79448

/biz/tards are invading and trannyposting because someone ratted out this site on a >tfw no autistic gf shitpost thread.
BTW crypto is mostly a scam and pumped with printed tethers with the exception of XMR.

Anonymous 79454

None. My god.

Anonymous 79759

Honestly think it's less to do with guns and more to do with american culture, which unfortunately is very pervasive across the globe now.
Think about how many more serial killers the US have had too. With or without guns there is just something quite wrong with the place.

Anonymous 79760

Why is that? Solely because they're entertaining tickers and therefore could be memeified or some other reason?
Also where do you get these small coins - uniswap?

Anonymous 79764

How do you even find out about this no-name altcoins? Where does one go to get news on the absolute newest fucking memecoin?

Anonymous 79767

probably /biz/

Anonymous 83467

I'm gonna buy so much lip balm with my DOGE profits

Anonymous 84298

I buy/hold Ethereum & ADA (Cardano)

Anonymous 87846

>noooooo, not le environment

what an absolutely embarrassing opinion to have, educate yourself

Anonymous 87849


Crypto mining uses more electricity than most small countries

Anonymous 87850

Crypto mining electricity use is a fraction of datamining operations for social media corporations and the entire banking industry.

Anonymous 87851


We should stop those too.

Anonymous 87853

I'll give you a hint which industry cryptocurrency seriously threatens.

Anonymous 87854

Pretty girls don’t invest in crypto
Besides, bartering is better for ~secret~ transactions

Anonymous 87950

I prefer to invest in index funds and just play the long game. I've thought about getting into crypto but as a concept I can't agree it's something with any value. At least stocks have capital and labor behind them. Crypto doesn't really have anything other than what other people invest in it and that seems too shaky to me, even for long term.

Anonymous 88093

But if you're planning on investing for a long time you have way better growth potential on cryptos tho. Just stick to BTC and ETH and don't fall for the rest and wait until some billionaire like Elon Musk makes idiots balloon the price of crypto again. Whats the point of investing money on super safe but getting 1% growth a month if you're lucky. Just take some risks while you're young. I say.

Anonymous 88112

tfw still slaving away to be rid of student debt
>imagine falling for the college meme

Anonymous 88533

But why? The reason that (some) stocks continuously go up is because the underlying companies are more valuable as they continually expand, invent new technology, reach more customers, and ultimately make more money. Crypto is expected to go up over the long term because…? The only crypto I am aware of that has a current concrete use case is Monero, because it replaced BTC as the avenue to buy illegal shit.

Anonymous 88544

Because crypto currency is not a stock, but a currency. It sounds like you have no experience trading currencies, is this correct? Let's forget crypto for a moment, do you have any idea why the yen has this much value compared to the US dollar at such and such time, but not at such and such other time.

Anonymous 88546

When you invest in crypto you do not invest with a growth mindset, you invest with a speculative mindset. These are not the same thing, and if you treat them as the same you can absolutely destroy your portfolio.

Anonymous 88550

Why is the won worth so little to USD as compared to the yen anyways?

Anonymous 88555

The won, dollar and yen are all fiat currencies. That means they are backed by literally nothing, but the government behind them. What does that mean? That requires an entire book on the subject. Instead, the most brutal and simplest answer I can give is that the money has value depending on how much you believe a government assets (including the economy of the nation) will continue to do well. Again, this definition is very poor and broad, it only captures the bare nuance. Fiat currency only has value because everyone operating in that nations economy agrees it has value, if everyone tomorrow decided that dollars didn't have value, then you could burn all those 100$ bills you have because they're basically useless. The case then becomes that currency trading is trading the alleged agreed upon value of own nations currency amongst it's people with that of the alleged agreed upon value of the other nations value. Again, I am cutting a lot out, and there's a lot of problems others can call me out on, but I simply don't care to write a novel.

Let's restate then, real world currencies only have value because a government is backing it, and enough people agree that the money the government is backing has value. i.e. fiat currencies only have value because enough people believe it has value. Why does crypto-currency have value? Because the crypto is backed by whatever blockchain and enough people believe that whatever blockchain has value. Are you seeing similarities here? Now whether people should actually see any value in cryptocurrency is a completely different question, but when currency speculating, we only care about what they actually think, and a lot of fucking billionaires and millionaires think these things are valuable.

Anonymous 88605

The yen is backed by the full faith and credit of the Japanese Government, with the expectation that the government will honor your ability to convert it at a reasonable rate into goods and services. Currencies rise and fall as those expectations change. Bitcoin has value because people believe it has value, fair enough. But I'd rather have that value protected by a government rather than memes and Elon Musk.

Anonymous 88653

i hold matic but am considering buying more. would you guys buy more at 1.71? what are your expectations of it for the near future? i believe the ath was 2.62

Anonymous 88913



I got into crypto in 2016-2017. The ones that blew up the most are TRX and of course LINK (got in at 23 cents.) I've got some NEO and OMG and some random small hodlings. Haven't worked since, staking gains cover all of my expenses. It's so beautiful to have escaped wagecuckery…

Anonymous 88922

Seedswap. Crypto social media. Tranny free and not sjwified like twatter

Anonymous 88926

I don't, I have gold. Other things come and go but an ounce of gold has always bought a good suit, as my dad would say.

Anonymous 88939

I've been interested in investing since my teens but never done it because I'm scared ig. I wish I had because by now I probably missed the crypot train. How did you dip your toes into it?

Anonymous 88945

places like coinbase will give you opportunities to earn a few bucks in coins every so often, for free. if you sign up you should be able to earn like $40 in coins for free

Anonymous 89083

if ur white
you obviously don't understand intellectual property
wish I was as smart as you.I heard about Monero when it first came out and knew its potential instead I invested in Anoncoin fml

Anonymous 89343

Are you interested in investing in more traditional assets as well as crypto?

Anonymous 89526

sounds good, can't wait for this planet to burn, personally

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