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Anonymous 72113

>"Any woman that plays video games past the age of 25 can consider herself a failure in life"

Anonymous 72114


> "What if it's e-chess"

Anonymous 72115

And men are exempt from this?

Anonymous 72117


I don't think so.

Anonymous 72118

Men are just born failures.

Anonymous 72119

cope seethe dilate have sex

Anonymous 72129

That bitch never said this. Also she would give all her money and status to have my youth and beauty to play video games without being judged.

Maybe if she ever said that, thats why she said it because she is an old ugly looking hag so she is jealous young girls can play videogames freely.

Anonymous 72148

Miners, should you really be taking advice from an incarnation of Satan ?

Anonymous 72166

ok pickme penelope

Anonymous 83681

even if simps give her a lot of money?

Anonymous 85437

She makes all the anarkiddie lefty retards mad so I think she's pretty based

Anonymous 85441


Based on what?

Anonymous 85454

on you sucking the life out of my clit

Anonymous 85490

Why are you using a term used by MLs in support of fucking Thatcher?

Anonymous 85500

I don't actually support her, don't even know what she did. I just like pissing people off with random bullshit

Anonymous 85710

Is that Marine Le'pen?
Do you think she'll become the next french president?

Anonymous 85711

how do you do it
as a sims player for 20 years it gets dull after an hour for me

Anonymous 85724

>Do you enjoy making the houses? If you don't LOVE that (expansion packs help a lot) the I don't know
its hard to make homes without cheats but yes it's fun. i like trying to make the biggest family tree possible but going through the motions of each sim's life gets tiresome

Anonymous 85780

The term is not exclusively used by MLs, anarchists in practice generally tend to be juvenile and naive. i.e. smashing a window is somehow a revolutionary act.

Anonymous 85781

It's not just Marxists that hate left anarchists

Anonymous 85785

I think anyone is a failure at life if they are addicted to videogames and spend all of their time playing them instead of getting education or a job, while rotting at parents apartment and whining about how miserable they are on internet.

It's one thing being good at it and earning some money or fame / whatever, but it's another when you play some shit like OW 15 hours a day and then whine that you are so ~ depressed ~.

Anonymous 88091

God I'm glad I never got hook up with videogames. I have enough with being an anime freak.

Anonymous 88672

distasteful brain worms. those memewords are overused.

Anonymous 88681

when i was young this quote always made me think, "that's ridiculous! what a snob! catching public transport is good!" and now i'm 27 and catch the bus to and from my minimum wage job every day and i get it

Anonymous 88725

I love videogames but I think its important to balance it out with healthier interests. Ok, some nights, I'll spend 3 or 4 hours playing Monster Hunter. Most days I'll spend an hour on Animal Crossing.

But I also do embroidery, have a lot of plant related hobbies, read, write, etc. Even small things like spending and hour or two playing with your dog instead of a nightly gaming session is enough like.

I haven't done a 7+ hour binge since the beginning of quarantine when I was required to stay home from work. While I have opportunities to do so, I prefer to do it if I have all errands done

Anonymous 88726

I guess there are worse things than being a failure.

Anonymous 88728

"A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation."

Anonymous 88730

I can't tell if this is an insult or not. Either way, videogame addiction ain't cute sis, especially if people aren't making money off it. I still cringe at the memory of seeing videogame addicted children in a documentary. It was just sad man

Anonymous 88733

>videogame addicted children in a documentary

Anonymous 88745

It was a documentary series on Channel4 or BBC or something a few years ago showing the various ways parents are struggling with their kids. It was crazy. One kid was 5 years old and weighed as much as a teenager because his mum was enabling his food addiction, there was a 9year old alcoholic being watched in foster care, and (of course) a girl who was evaluated because she would literally piss herself rather than pause her game.
She would get genuinely violent if you tried to take her away from games

I dont have a link or remember the name (this was about 10 years ago), but if someone could link it, particularly clips of the girl, that would be fantastic

Anonymous 88764

Hearing about those kids makes me think about how shitty their parents must be.

Anonymous 88772

unknown (1).png

u will never stop me from playing megamang

Anonymous 88777

you just made me google "bbc addicted children"

Anonymous 88779

LMFAOO you're going on a list

Anonymous 88780

Tired Wojak.jpg

Anonymous 89069


>she would literally piss herself rather than pause her game
Oh my god, that is actually how institutionalized people act. The future is doomed.

ot, but one time I wondered out loud "is there an otome game about an onee-san with a shota harem?" and siri picked it up.

Anonymous 89108

Well, what was siri's answer?

Anonymous 89112

The parents are shitty. I remember the fat 5 year old the most vividly. His mum sat there in interviews deadpan speaking about how difficult it is to manage him when she is the only buying the food and giving it to him. By the way, this was filmed in the UK, where eating healthy is not at all an expensive endeavour. Bags of vegetables are like £1 at the most

Anonymous 89167

>be 28yo femcel
>still play videogames to totally not cope and hold on to my childhood (where it was also cope)
>get shit on consistently online by braindead zoomer boys
>they even sound more feminine and girly than me over vc
>none of them will ever even know the amount of seething going on behind my screen
make it stop

Anonymous 89180

there was also that fat indonesian baby who smoked packs of cigarettes everyday . probably not the same documentary, but i remember watching a doc on that.

Anonymous 89182

Turn them against eachother. Pretend to flirt with one of them. The others will instantly turn on him and start picking on him instead of pestering you. They're like piranhas.
Actually that might not work with effeminate zoomers, they're weird.

Anonymous 89212

They just called me a nigger one time i tried that

Anonymous 89213

You must assert dominance. Fart on mic.

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