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It's that time of year again... Anonymous 7213


Do your research, call in, and do your part to protect the free and open internet.

Alternatively- (updated) net neutrality general ITT.

Anonymous 7214


I'm not American but this is an interesting topic.

Anonymous 7220

Idk if these petitions mean anything, but I signed a few.

I can't believe they're trying to do that - to me that's a bit like trying to make people pay for air.

Os this only going to affect the US or?

Anonymous 7221

These specific petitions will only affect the US, yes, but the issue is somewhat worldwide. The EU is protected but the UK for example might go through this issue when they leave the EU, which is why it's important to understand net neutrality even if you're not American.

Anonymous 7234

A-any guess which countries wouldn't participate in net neutrality?

I'm from the U.S., but my work literally focuses on the internet/search engines. I'm leaving the country permanently anyway as they are making it harder and harder to do things entrepreneurial unless you have $$$$$ and big connections.

It would be nice to avoid this…

Anonymous 7235

Any country within the EU you're pretty much golden. The net neutrality principle is active due to the EU Regulation on Open Internet Access.

Hey anon, wanna swap positions? I'm in the EU and I'd love to move to the US.

Anonymous 7239

If citizenships could be traded, I'd trade you in an instant fellow anon.

Anonymous 8019

And, we are fucked.

Anonymous 8028

There goes my life. Im too much of a loser to get a real one so… time to end it all.

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