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D 72238

Judas died by suicide and his guts poured out from his annus like an explosion.

Upon Arius being proclaimed bishop of Constantinople (not ordained) they marched him in a procession where upon Arius died of his literal bowels blowing out of his annus.

You have been visited by St. Nicholas the based slapper.
You must reply with "Slap St. Nicholas, Slap!" and you may inherit true faith and dogma preserved in your soul unto eternity.

Anonymous 72247

Slap St. Nicholas, Slap

Anonymous 72258

Slap, st. Nicholas, slap!

D 72260


Merry Christmas.

Anonymous 72307

Slap, st. Nicholas, slap!

D 72314


Gold for you anon.

Anonymous 72324

Slap St. Nicholas, Slap!

Anonymous 72335

Slap St. Nicholas, Slap

D 72344


Merry Christmas my friends.
St. Nicholas as but a newborn, was found standing for 3 days and 3 nights in his baptism. A sign of wonder and and conversation for many who saw. May the rivers of Christ's divine mercy and justice flow through your soul and veins all the days of your life. Stand firm in all good things. Hard ships of the earth may shake us, but the foundation of God's rock shall have us stand triumphant even in waters flowing.

Anonymous 72346

This but unironically
I will pray for all of you tonight!!

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