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Anonymous 72327

Is gayface a real thing?

Anonymous 72329

Maybe but its legit the best face (imo). Racoon moids are god tier now I'm glad this is taking over. CC must conquer the world.

Anonymous 72525


Gayface is real but what you posted is not an example of it. That's just a prettyboy. THIS is gayface.

Anonymous 72526


>what you posted is not an example of it
That guy is gay btw

Anonymous 72538


Yeah, both for men and women

Anonymous 72543

Both the male and female gayfaces are more attractive

Anonymous 72572

Thats ugly face.

Elias from IceAge is hot af. PRETTY BOYS ARE god Tier. Elias yaoi fanfic when?!

Anonymous 72590

All I can see is that the het face is older and the gay face is younger.

Anonymous 72700

Yes but that's not it

Anonymous 72884

No it isn't. They are just softer looking because of the skin routines they have every day, which is rare to see in non-homosexual moids.
What this anon >>72525 posted is just a huge generalization since that haircut used to be fashionable in homosexual men, and given how likely it is that most here live in the U.S., of course they will also look chubbier and even more softer-looking, albeit more disgusting for me since they are not skinny.

Anonymous 73376


Yes. Jared Kushner sets off my gaydar real bad. Someone close to them claimed that Ivanka is a lesbian and this is a beard relationship, which I'm inclined to believe.

Anonymous 73394

This, in both cases.
It's simply more fashionable with young people to identify as a homosexual.

Anonymous 73399

I suport them, bisexuality should rule the world again, its betrer tjsn just being het or homo.

Anonymous 73412

Beard is a slang term describing a person who is used, knowingly or unknowingly, as a date, romantic partner (boyfriend or girlfriend), or spouse either to conceal infidelity or to conceal one's sexual orientation. The American slang term originally referred to anyone who acted on behalf of another, in any transaction, to conceal a person's true identity.[1] The term can be used in heterosexual and homosexual contexts, but is especially used within LGBTQ+ culture.[2] References to beards are seen in mainstream television and films, and other entertainment.

New term acquired

Anonymous 73441


Anonymous 78603

That haircut is popular with all types of men

Anonymous 78604

gay masterrace

Anonymous 78614

Are you retarded? Most gay people around the age of the straights in that picture were probably killed by aids or hatecrimed. Get that identity politics bullshit out of here, homosexuality is purely biological.

Anonymous 78627


>ywn be ivankas secret mistress that she spoils with gifts and affection
Why do I get up in the morning

Anonymous 78633


youre right anon shes so fucking hot why even live

Anonymous 78671

And if gayface is real does biface exist? Or how does bisexual faces look like?

Anonymous 78678

i wanna date the gay face woman

Anonymous 78865

How does it contradict her statement, logbrain?

Anonymous 112164

>glasses wearers more likely to be gay

Anonymous 112281

god he's dreamy. If a guy like that tried to talk to me I'd immediately assume he was trying to rob or kidnap me for nefarious purposes. He's far too attractive to be trustworthy.

Anonymous 112294

So… hets are fatter and older?

Anonymous 112366

american boomers hate gays, more at 11

Anonymous 112380

More like all the old gays died.

Anonymous 112383

Or maybe gays die younger.

Anonymous 112492

once again evidence gays are superior beings

ugly het cope
hets age like shit and dont take care of themselves

Anonymous 112873

Didn't realize this is twitter now

Anonymous 112875

What a heterophobic trash u are.

Anonymous 112878

>how dare you reply to homophobia with heterophobia?

Anonymous 112887

kek retard

Anonymous 112889

Anonymous 112904

fuck off, faggots

Anonymous 112907

Anonymous 112923


yes so is gayvoice and gaysense, for both genders. not to come off as a bigot but there is a certain aura to gay people which is very distinct imo. i've successfully guessed people to be gay and been correct almost 100%, and my father always said it is a trait which all the women in his family have (my grandmother etc, something she once confirmed for me as well).

Anonymous 112966

Aren't men socialized to speak deeper than needed? gay men can be strong/hairy/hyper masculine and speak in deep voices, some don't.

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