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Anonymous 72406

Do you believe in evil? Do you think it exists?

Anonymous 72407

tbh, real spiritual evil is pretty much the dominant active force on Earth. there is most likely a devil entity too, because it is very organized

i don't think it is a good or profitable thing, all evil does it afflict me and i hate it.

Anonymous 72408

Human beings are basically good, but we are locked in this evil world and imperfect bodies
I'm not sure about the devil tho, I think It's the very nature of this world that creates the evil

Anonymous 72409

I think might makes right and I think evil is subjective. but generally any act that denies someone else the freedom to act upon their own wills and convictions where it would not hurt another person is an evil act. for example.

Scenario A. A troon walks into a girls shower room. Evil. As he didn't give the girls in the locker room a choice, he forced his will upon them.

Scenario B. A faggot demands that a bakery makes them a penis cake and then sues them over discriminatory grounds. evil. as the bakers should have a choice and if they have christian convictions they shouldn't be compelled to comply with fag whims.

Scenario C. Chad Thundercock beats up a tranny for walking around wearing a dress. Evil. As the very act of wearing a dress is not in and of itself evil and it isn't harming anyone. it's just weird.

Scenario D. A greedy as fuck nu-psychologist rubber stamps an 8 year olds transition paperwork because he wants to push his warped agenda that gender dysphoria is real and his parents are woke retards or troons themselves.

I could go on. but you see the pattern.

Anonymous 72410

Yes. And the root of evil is stupidity, evil and stupidity walk hand in hand. Stupid actions cause suffering despite the best intentions, people who go through life deliberately causing suffering are unwittingly causing suffering to themselves and thus are stupid.

Anonymous 72411

>A troon walks into a girls shower room. Evil. As he didn't give the girls in the locker room a choice, he forced his will upon them.
I'm just being devil's advocate here, but can't you extend this really far? Going out in public could be an act of evil because you're forcing people to tolerate your existence in their vicinity.

Anonymous 72412

I must disagree, anon. For instance, let's imagine a moid raping a woman. Why does he do it? Because he's stupid? No, he does it because wants to do it, there are both stupid and intelligent rapists.
Voluntarism > ethical intellectualism

Anonymous 72413

Stupid people want to do stupid things that cause suffering, guess our definitions of "intelligence" are different.

Anonymous 72414

What I'm trying to say is that bad will, not stupidity is the root of evil
>guess our definitions of "intelligence" are different
that might be a right

Anonymous 72415

For sure, people grow resentful and bitter. Anyone who thinks evil doesn't exist is simply inexperienced. There are people who've come to hate reality itself and the conscious experience and will work tirelessly to put create misfortune.

Charles Panzram was like this. The kind of person who'll rape 1000 people, track the dollar value of his arson, try and start a nuclear war between the first and second world. How evil changes but lesser, middling, or greater is jut a matter of degree. Evil exists.

Anonymous 72418


"Bad will" is just another term for "evil" and you're right, evil does cause evil, but it also manifests spontaneously out of stupidity, webm related.

Anonymous 72421

Evil is subjective. Slowly torturing your rapist to death wouldn't be evil (to some people), but doing the same to a good person person would be. So there is no objective evil, or thing or force. It all depends on your and society's values.

Anonymous 72440

People who stump little puppies and kittens on live-stream to make a quick buck must be thinking the same thing. In some Amazonian native tribes, when they discovered that there is a psychopath among them, they simply killed it, from the perspective of the psychopath that probably seemed evil, but for the benefit of the tribe that was good. So ..yeah ..you are correct.

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