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furry is good Anonymous 72524

I grow a shit of facial hair, upper lip. Lower lip, chin. Neck. Long thick black hairs too, visible to the naked eye. I have to go into a threader once a week and maintain so I can pretend around boyfriend not a horrible gorilla.

But on weeks when he's gone on business trips, I love letting it grow out because it's sickened satisfying to see how gross it can get then all plucked out by the threader the day before he gets back.

Just me?

Anonymous 72557

Do you have PCOS anon?

Anonymous 72642


Love yourself

Anonymous 72648


Hair is natural and embracing it is nice and harmless, even if it's just for a while in your case

Anonymous 72649

Stop cooning for a male.
If he cannot accept your hair he's an infantile little cockweasel.

Anonymous 72650


Hair is natural. The modern obsession with being hairless is a result of diseased males teaching girls to be ashamed from an early age so they will be easier to control.

Anonymous 72661

men dislike body hair because of their inherent pedo tendencies

embrace your body hair and ignore the XY turd

Anonymous 72673

Hair is gross. I shave my moid whenever I can. I wish everybody was hairless from the head down.

Anonymous 74167

I wish my moid would shave. Beards are so grotesque.

Anonymous 74285

My boy doesn't mind that I don't shave, and i think he's the first I've been with who told me he doesn't mind if i don't shave my legs. Of course I love the feeling of freshly shaven skin but I'm unsure of how to feel about his aloofness to it. Most guys want you to shave? Why do I feel like he's weird for not caring?

Anonymous 74292

I have the opposite problem since I have trich. I’ve been trying to let my brows grow back, but I’m scared they’re too damaged to fully come back.

Anonymous 74312


Anonymous 74322


>I shave my moid whenever I can
Do you ask him to shave his body or it's really you in a bath shaving him?
Second one sounds very sexy!
>wish i had a bf to sensually shave…

Anonymous 74339

I usually only ask to shave his eyebrows, sometimes other parts like chest, and sometimes he asks me because the hair gets in the way (like the hair on his legs when he works out). The other day I was shaving his legs and also shaved the hair on his butt cheeks. Looks so much better now. It's overall just very funny since he's ticklish.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 76513

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