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Anonymous 72798

Is it normal to take a selfie at the gynecologist?

Anonymous 72800

It’s a lil weird

Anonymous 72807


I think it's ok. You should be able to feel comfortable with yourself.

Anonymous 72808

I mean, people take selfies everywhere now. I think it's a little weird to share it online, but some people share everything online. It would depend on whether the person sharing is one of those people who shares everything online or not.

Anonymous 72864

It's super edgy and epic and will surely net you large amounts of dopamine hits on facebook.

Anonymous 74275

the pic of that lady looks like my health teacher from highschool. where did you get it?

Anonymous 74381


it´s ok aslong as you are not the gynecologist.

Anonymous 75066

i think its weird when i went the first and only time i've ever been, which was right before my wedding to get birth control. I sent the pics to my (now) husband

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