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Things to leave in 2020 Anonymous 72831

What are some things that you would like to see left behind in 2021?

For myself:
>Wojak memes
>Karen memes and videos
>Spergouts over masks
>Shitty Netflix shows
>Harry Styles
>Annoying twitterspeak (periodt, chile, etc)
>"E-girl" and "e-boy"

Anonymous 72832

the ability to comment on youtube videos

Anonymous 72846

I hope a virus that deteriorates Y chromosomes ravages the globe so we can finally say au revoir.

Anonymous 72857

My own negative attitude

Anonymous 72863

All you have to do is get off the internet.

Anonymous 72937

i'm going to move out of america permanently. im done with this country. i'm happy to have grown up here and know how lucky i am to have most of the things i have here when compared to everywhere else I've also lived, but i can't take it here much longer. i'd rather live somewhere without things like air conditioning or western toilets than have to suffer in this toxic ass culture and retardation.

Anonymous 72938

I hate how stifling it is to live here, but my parents moved me here from another country so I don't want to fragment my family further. I wish I didn't have anything tying me to this place.

Anonymous 72939

i can agree with the masks and the karen videos just fuck off are you that sheltered to not realise these people are retarded and we just have to ignore them…

the rest will just go away on there own replaced by new annoying forms

Anonymous 72940

Me too

Anonymous 73351

fuck yeah
Please kill e-girl culture and Onlyfans

Anonymous 73377

Wojak (covering fa…

>Wojak memes
Do you mean all Wojak memes? Because the original drawings were just innocent reaction images instead of nonsensical ad hominem.

Anonymous 73582


they've been usurped by normalfags on tiktok… its too late… you have to say goodbye…

Anonymous 170807

Add ublock origin and you can simply block the entire comment section (and recommended video section as well if you want) (also no ads interrupting videos)

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