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Anonymous 73050

This woman, Jessica Steinhauser, better known by her stage name Asia Carrera, had a measured IQ of 156, and was a member of Mensa. She won a National Merit Scholarship and studied in Rutgers University. However she threw all of this intellectual talent away to become a pornographic actress. Why though?


Anonymous 73052

Some people would rather flaunt their beauty. Her intelligence wasn't wasted anyway, it allowed her to become a star. Which is presumably what she wanted.

Anonymous 73055

From the wikipedia page you linked, presumably exactly what you asked for: http://www.asiacarrera.com/bio2.html

Anonymous 73062

She believes the porn industry isn't problematic for women. That doesn't sound very smart.

Anonymous 73075

I don't know what this kind of stuff is supposed to prove. You can be very smart in certain areas, but lacking understanding of logic and reason. I have heard interviews from her and she wasn't very articulate. At the end of the day, considering if we didn't know she was part of Mensa and had a high IQ, she's still a porn star most valued for selling herself. Furthermore, the fact she touts in her interviews and wikipedia bio that she's part of Mensa and has x IQ tells me she's likely insecure. It seems to me she leans on that to justify her actions since she's a "smart person". How important is intelligence in this case if it's bringing the exact same thing into the world someone with a below 100 IQ could bring to the world? It's at best a marketing ploy.

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