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Anonymous 73100

Has taking quetiapine ever made your emotions come back?

I was groomed and went through stuff, Quetiapine worked well for me in the past at the beginning before i was put on antipsychotics that stopped me from feeling 3 times over the last 5 years but I am scared that it won't let me have emotions this time because i have had so many bad effects from antipsychotics for over 5 years and i may be permantnelty emotionally dead from my last antipsychotic.

I know its not depression because when i quit one of my antipsychotics once, my emotions came back.

Anonymous 73329

holy shit its dogi

Anonymous 73879


You probably don't want to hear this, I get it, but if there's a chance that it gets through a little it is enough.

Sometimes when young and innocent we feel alive and free and connected to the world and life itself, if that makes sense. I lost that feeling and forgot how to feel properly after being hurt a lot. But I promise that Jesus does love you and died for our sins, and you can be made clean by His blood. You can be made whole again, I promise. I had symptoms that people would say needed meds for, but they went away when I asked Him to come into my life.

I get it if you're sceptical. Just life hurts us all, and we don't have to carry the pain around. Read Lamentations.

Anonymous 73905

I already believe jesus is real, i believe in all the gods, i am against demons though.

I know this is because of the medicine because i got my emotions back when i quit one of my antipsychotics.

I can't get happy about anything at all, everything is fucking terrible, no joy or goodness in anything, its the meds.

I am quite spiritual, i am an animist that believes in jesus

but right now i care about nothing and feel like i wanna die all the time and cry all the time becuase there is no joy i can get out of anything.

Anonymous 73906


You mean you are actually thinking about taking your life?

You're probably older and smarter than me, I just wish I knew what to say because I hope you don't leave.

I know cold showers help so much for feeling bummed out, and esp for me fasting and spending time away from any internet or devices, just outside. But I get it's winter. It's probably poopy advice but I am clinging onto the hope that I can somehow change your mind with shit tier advice and I really hope you don't end things. I definitely understand what you're going through, I used to risk my life to feel things and it was really stupid. It can get better and I'm sending a virtual hug AS WE SPEAK

Anonymous 73909

No its not about thinking about my life, its about not being able to react to anything or have joy about anything, my life is really good and i have everything that should make me happy, and it does when im off the meds.

i can't even react to music, its been like this for years.

Anonymous 73910

also its summer where i am, everything looks nice but i don't give a fuck about anything.

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