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Men who commit heinous crimes Anonymous 73120

Male sexuality is predatory. There are no good guys, any man secretly wants to do what these men have done, they just don't admit it because they know the consequences. Trust me, talk to any man anonymously online and it will become apparent. Ive talked to men of all different professions, ages, and races. It's not just neets and celibates on 4chan.


And more recently:

Countless stories.serial killers target women, young women. The golden state killers youngest victim was 13. Women don't do this, it's a Male issue. Men are predators. Almost every case of kidnapping, the most gross crimes, have all been done by men to women

Anonymous 73121

have sex

Anonymous 73129

that's not true. most guys are shitty, but there's nice boys out there. womanhood fucking sucks but there's not much we can do about that except educate ourselves and not get brainwashed by male-society into buying the bullshit that's forced down our throats.

misandry is like just trying to become men and retaliate in kind. we should be decisively better than them. history will prove us right in time.

Anonymous 73140

>misandry is like just trying to become men

Lol, no it isn't. Have fun washing some scrote's skidmarked boxers while you wait for society to prove that rape is bad.

Anonymous 73142

>the consequences
…consequences from other men.

Anonymous 73143

>there's not much we can do
Stop breeding with men.

Anonymous 73144


eat a dick

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