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Anonymous 73157

How do I cope now?

I had some college friends and school friends. I used to be a NEET for 2 years and finally got a job 6 months ago. Since 1,2,3 were holidays I asked my friends whether we can have a meet up after a year. They said okay, but haven't actually initiated anything. Infact, I was the one initiating any contact for the past 1 year. I feel bad now, since I don't have any friends. It seems they are uninterested to meet up or really busy with their work? I honestly can't guess. The last 4 times, I was the one initiating any contact and if I didn't nothing happens. I was honestly disappointed because no one except 2 girls asked me how I was doing when I was struggling as a NEET

Anonymous 73160

Just get a cat.

Anonymous 73172

Find internet bf viable to date irl too. Prepare for disappointment with most but that way you'll be fishing to see if u catch anything good.


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