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lost paradise.jpg

Anonymous 73451

what is that you fundamentally want out of life? pic unrel

Anonymous 73467


I want my boyfriend to get a job and earn enough money so I can become his (house)wife and raise a bunch of children. But I'm currently further in my career than him. If there's no other way then he has to be the parent at home.

Anonymous 73468

That is so typical in marriage sadly the moid is useless, and the woman is already to do the child bearing but the moid is still being useless.

Not saying your bf is a lost case, at least he got a job, while he is with you, I could respect a moid with a job even a shitty McDonalds one. As long as he is contributing to the bills he is good natured.

There was a real good mexican meme of a woman carrying his husband returning him to his mother that said: "seƱora le devuelvo a su hijo no sirve" translates to: "miss I'm returning your son he doesn't work". I can't find it. But thats a type of moid one has to be cautious about.

Anonymous 73469

Sounds like a recipe for a really bad marriage, statistically.

Anonymous 73502


>that pic
Always felt so sad when looking at this album cover. It's weird that I see it today when I'm also quite down.

Anonymous 73524


From one sis to another. There's light. I'm in the exact same situation. Dating my best friend… But he was a complete manchild. He'd been in a few toxic relationships And never tried professional succes, giving up on his talents to work shit jobs and play vidya.

I broke up a boring but more efficient relationship to cop this one. It was an awful reality to slowly wake up to.

But… I stuck with it. He is kind, funny, social and has hair that doesn't quit. It's been 5 years now and things are much much much better. Just had to learn 3 important ways to unlock more of his potential.

1. Be honest. Rid yourself of bs, no making up problems, no manipulation, no coverups. You tell him what you need and what your own flaws are like a strategist. This is key because it sets an example and you'll get what you need long-term.
2. Don't nag mindlessly. It might feel good to scold him, but it feels way way better getting him on your side using planning and logic. When issues pop up, don't let temper run it, instead step back and examine it with him like a curiosity. Allow him to see the problem, together find and own the solution, and then make sure to flatter his efforts.
3. Sincerere flattery. Men get flatterd a lot less than us, so it's super effective. You can, no joke, make them proud of just about anything, thereby making them "own it" when he does a good job, make sure it's paid attention to. Boys develop to men when they start trusting their own skills.

Bonus: On a chill evning I sat and read this with him. Because it was chill and we both discussed the notion of "mental load" he really had a breakthrough over this comic. He'd never considered the efforts of a household because his mom was a housewife and took care of everything, it felt invisible to him. Just like any craft seems easy from the point of a novice.

He's much better off now, he not only cleans and shops, but started working on his craft and even got the job he'd given up on. + he's still a sweetheart.

It CAN be done, it's rough though, make sure his personality is worth the effort.

Anonymous 73525


Anonymous 73560


Thanks for the response, anon. I'll keep your wisdom in mind <3 The comic is also pretty good. I'm gonna link it to some people.

>btw pic related made my day lmao

Anonymous 73580

I'd settle for omnipotence.

Anonymous 73587


I want enough passive income to live a humble, but carefree life.
I want to love and spend my time with someone, who would never abandon me.
I want to move somewhere with better climate.
I want a quiet home with pleasant architecture, a fireplace and a library.
I want inspiration to create.
I want to be in good health.

Anonymous 73591

sorrow and extinct…

>I want to move somewhere with better climate
do you mean scandinavian winter by that, by any chance?

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