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Goodnight Punpun v…

Anonymous 73454

I am seeing on IB's that 4chin is getting shut down.
What are your thoughts on this?
I think obviously it is bad freedom of speech is being attacked but the silverlining may be that normalfags quit using my image boards although everywhere is so slow that is decent anyway (I do not use shtchan).

Anonymous 73457

Only other image boards I am not seeing any proof aside from people from shitchan searching for an alternative and also some post purported to have been sent out to some IB owners.

Anonymous 73463


They might be safe because the move Moot did of giving the website to Hiroyuki was smart. Moot knew how controversial 4chan is and its anonymous nature so he chose to give it to a dude that is a veteran in being admin for that kind of websites, more importantly he is in Japan.

Moot could have been a dick and sold it to some American businessman that would have ruined it further that it already is.

Anonymous 73464

Hiroyuki's past as admin of anonymous board is actually quite bad as he did some shady shit on the backend. It should also be stated that Hiroyuki is the one that split 4chins into the /sfw/ and /nsfw/ portions for advertising purposes, and unironically created the /vip/ board for losers who pay for 4chan Gold.

Hiroyuki has not managed to do better than a shady businessman.

However, this does remind me that Google has no idea what to do with moot now that he works there which makes me giggle.

Anonymous 73466

Moot is living off them rent free lol. He is just leeching off them doing absolutely fuck all. Pretty based if you ask me.

Anonymous 73472

Not worried. Just because you're allowed to drop hard Rs on /pol/ doesn't mean that it's not tightly moderated. Anything that looks like incitement gets deleted and IP info passed along to the alphabets. There's no illegal activity to be cause for a shutdown.

Anonymous 73474

Illegal activity is not the only cause for shutdown.

Anonymous 73475


It isn't, but it IS the only reason why shutting down would seem like an imminent threat at this moment.

Anonymous 73476

God I remmeber when news 4chin was splitting came out everyone freaked out but honestly I understand it is all polfags fault even Jlist stopped advertising on shitchan from them and getting advertising money to run the place is hard.
Honestly wish polfags would fuck off my loser spaces they just cause problems and the fact they care so much about anything but dying shows they do not belong and are normalfags.

Anonymous 73479

I remember a long time ago that Moot got tired of how shitty /pol/ (I think it was called /new/ at that time) and /r9k/ had become so he just deleted both boards. Then like a year later he brought both of them back.
Imagine how much better 4chan would be if Moot had just left them deleted.

Anonymous 73487

Pol should stay deleted or the board could have been hosted off 4chan at least but r9k was fine the culture that developed was fine the issue is that the mods just hated people on r9k and LET it get infested with spam and bullshit trust me I was there all day for many years and I no longer use shitchan but miss what r9k used to be.
I feel all alone online with only some dead sites for postin I can relate to but thank god CC is still going well but even here it is less bleak which is good in a way at least there are less normalfags than 4chan

Anonymous 73490

Nah, even though I dislike /pol/ the essence of futaba type of image boards is the anon culture that doesnt gives a fuck. We discuss other controversies here just not political. I like it this way, I like my name is not tied to any of that, its all dust in the wind. Nobody can attempt to ruin my physical life because of my hot takes here. You feel me? Places like this which are 4chan inspired and that one is 2chan inspired are a divine gift in this times where most people just use the 5 biggest social websites…

Anonymous 73495

Oh I agree I just meant more I dislike polfags I think they should be able to freely say whatever they want I do not care if they want to do anything bad or are racist I am not a normalfag that goes outside so could not care what happens and at best if they do make my country nazi like I will be gassed for being useless.


You are only a victim on r9k if you are an idiot I do not use the board it has been beyond redeemable for years now fuck that place I never see any tranny porn now as I do not lurk it.
The loser culture is fine but it is mainly memes now with very few truly fucked people posting on there.

Anonymous 73614

Damn, I'm gonna miss /cm/

Anonymous 73617

Hiroyuki doesn't live in Japan, he lives in Paris.
Which really isn't the best place to be when it comes to protecting yourself from censorship.

Anonymous 73672

It'll be just like 8chan. It'll get taken down then relaunched with a few months and just like 8chan it'll be a shadow of its former self. A cesspool filled to the brim with edgy normalfags and /pol/tards.

On the other hand, we might end up seeing an increase in activity on other imageboards.

Anonymous 73724

where is a good place?

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