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What is the normal amount of vanity for a person to have? Anonymous 73665

I spend about fifteen minutes a day admiring my facial features i.e. cheekbones, lips, hair etc. I genuinely think I'm the most attractive person I have ever seen. Is this healthy?

Anonymous 73668


Anonymous 73670

You should stay away from ponds

Anonymous 73704


God I wish that were me. I spend 15 minutes a day in front of the mirror squishing my cheeks and moving my jaw and eyelids trying to look less deformed. I genuinely think I am the ugliest woman I have ever seen.

Anonymous 73706

Beauty is not tied to your worth, it's hard to be positive or even neutral with yourself when everything around you wants you to do the opposite, I would stop using ig/normie social media for a while unhealthy amounts of makeup and photoshop is promoted there

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