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climate change Anonymous 73731

How freaked out should I be about the poles melting/global temp rising/etc.? Should I assume the world's going to be basically post-apocalyptic and Florida will be completely gone within the next 100 years or am I just retarded? I am one person and I realistically can't do shit about it so I'd like reasons to not freak the fuck out about it.

Anonymous 73733


It's gonna suck, especially if gubberment and capitalism doesn't pick up their shit soon but humans are adaptable. We've survived worse things and survived them well.


The only absolute is "things can't go on like this" but we have known that for centuries. Paralyzing worry about an unknown future won't help. Just try your best to do good in the moment.

Anonymous 73738

I'm not worried at all. I don't live on a tiny flat island in the middle of the ocean, temperature rise only improves my country's climate. Holland has been fighting sea level for centuries and it's fine, should be even easier to do it with present day technology. I think that pollution is a bigger problem.

Anonymous 73744

We are just going full Elysium before those 100 years pass.
So, if you want to survive, then you better catch up, kill your morals, and join the elite.

Anonymous 73748

One does not join the elite. You’re born into it or you’re not

Anonymous 73755

It's always been a fun thought of mine to imagine what if I were an elite.
I'm always grumbling about how the elites are destroying the Earth but if they let me join I'd turn around in a heartbeat. I'd make a great elite.

But like, legitimately OP yeah the Earth is gonna die and everything's gonna be hell and there's no way around it and no one has the power to save it. It shouldn't happen in our lifetime though so I try not to let it bother me.

Anonymous 73761

There's not a damn thing I can do about it, so why worry or care?

Anonymous 73763


none at all. government intervention is what brings apocalypse.

Anonymous 73804

Floridian here. I really don't care. Nothing can surprise me.

Anonymous 73816

I feel so bad for the polar bears.

Anonymous 73880

Poles melting is the least of my concerns. We can just grow food in another place and ship it if temps change that much. I'm more worried about plastic and nuclear waste contaminating everything. We'll either become part plastic, or die from cancer at ~40.

Anonymous 74171

Far as I can tell we're fucked. Humanity will live on but probably going to get real bad, things collapse, mass dying off of populations etc. I have no faith we'll get our shit in gear fast enough to prevent what's coming so I'm just genuinely hoping I'm dead before it gets really bad.

Anonymous 74172

I have too many personal problems to worry about it.

Anonymous 74186

One day everything will be covered in microplastics and it will be unrecognizable but there is nothing we can do about it. So I'm just enjoying the beauty of the world while it lasts, and not having children so I won't contribute to anyone's suffering in the new Hell.

Anonymous 74976

it really does not matter. the world will come to an end, whether its within 300 years or 3000. focus on yourself and dont have babies

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