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Anonymous 73734

whats the nicest compliment youve ever recieved

Anonymous 73736

"you're who i want to become" ||even though im depressed and just to play video games all day lol||

Anonymous 73739


People who romanticize melancholy are misguided, by the time they realize that they are digging their own grave, its already too late, some things must be learned the hard way, i guess.

Anonymous 73747

It wasn't actually a compliment per se, but someone called me calm once and it was nice. On the inside I'm pretty neurotic so I'm glad my presence doesn't instill anxiety in others. In general I like when people express that they are comfy around me.

Second, a friend said I seem independent. This is true, but for some reason felt nice to hear.

Anonymous 73754

yeah, it was kind of idealizing which is why it struck me so much. i think its that i naturally had traits that she strived towards herself (asking for help when i need it, being upfront about things, having an open personality). she was also my teacher but it was for a very strange class lol. wonder how she's doing now

Anonymous 73773

I can relate, a driving instructor, this big burly man, said that he felt very safe driving with me. Maybe he meant I drive too slow or am too timid, but it made feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Anonymous 73779


"it is so comfortable to be with you"

Anonymous 73780


I had a color shifting pigment on my nails and a boy said "those are some bad ass nails" I thanked him and he elaborated with something like yeah I don't really pay attention/care about nails but those are really nice

Anonymous 73782

I was once told that I'm really charming and fun to talk to. Funnily enough, nobody treated me like that until university. I really enjoy being among equally eccentric people instead of all the bland normies that surrounded me in middle school and high school.

Anonymous 73788

>Maybe he meant I drive too slow or am too timid
I doubt it, driving too slowly or too indecisively is sometimes just as dangerous as driving too fast or with misplaced confidence.
The only way to drive safely is to drive the same as everyone else, so if your instructor said he's safe with you behind the wheel it means you're doing it right.

Anonymous 73789

I often got told I'm smart, even in adult age. That's about the extent of it.

Once in middle school, some girl told me I had nice eyes.

Anonymous 73791

I've been called:
>Beautiful/Attractive/etc. without makeup by strangers
>Deep Thinker (this one is so cringe, whenever people tell me this it makes me feel like I must not be that deep of one)
>Told I have a very nice whooty

But all of that pales in comparison to when I've been complimented at my skills in FPS games. It makes me feel terrible that's my favorite compliment because I know it's rooted in internalized misogyny. I feel like being inferior at video games is one of the worst things a person can be. It's so stupid. I'm so timid whenever I begin playing a video game because I feel like if I suck it will mean I'm an idiot.

Anonymous 73802

That's cute anon. I like when guys are sincerely appreciative of styling choices in a way that's not horny or objectifying.

Anonymous 73805

>internalized misogyny

How so? it seems like you're giving in to the premise that video games are for males.

Anonymous 73809

Yes, I am. I feel like women cannot be as good at video games in the way a guy would be. It makes me feel ashamed and like I'll never measure up. I wish I knew how to combat this feeling.

Anonymous 73810

This is literally not true though you just proved yourself wrong by being good at games

Anonymous 73811

Yeah, but I feel like it's chance and that it's only because I've had to try however many times as hard as a guy. I don't feel like it's "natural". And I'm not going to be good at every game, and when that happens, it's intolerable for me. I have literally cried before if I don't win every time because I feel like a waste of space.

I also don't play video games anymore because it got too emotionally taxing for me so I'd have to get good at them again which would trigger my feelings of shittiness.

Anonymous 73821

It's not about video games, you just have shit self-esteem.

Anonymous 73823

Well, yeah. I hate it that I can't see it as a mere game.

Anonymous 73831

when my friend sincerely complimented my writing

Anonymous 73841

i think most people would rather be told they are good at their hobby as opposed to hot

Anonymous 73941

>I like your shoes
>You have a pretty laugh
I was really taken off guard by that last one. I guess I never expected to receive a compliment by someone I considered to be above me.

Anonymous 73943

Lol, that is a good compliment. I've never even thought to myself what a pretty laugh would sound like (I think mine sounds ugly).

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