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Anonymous 73947

How do I get laid back antifa punk friends to hang out with in dirty apartments on saturday nights and complain about the man.

My friends are nice but also kinda snobbish. I feel like they look down on me and if we ever meet up it's to drink soda, eat cookies and play dnd. I can never be myself around them.

Anonymous 73949

Join tranny discords

Anonymous 73953

join tranny discords and hang around upper-class spoiled&entitled white kids and/or jewsish subversive agents.

Anonymous 73956


Ok but irl, I have a lot of friends like that online but they're all in the US or britain.

>upper class white kids

but that's my current friends!

Anonymous 73973

you did say antifa, do you think truck drivers and CnC machinists care about that shit?

Anonymous 73976

Find a time machine and go back to the 80's when the two weren't mutually exclusive.

Anonymous 73981


All the punks I knew in school as well as the ones I'm friends with online are ACAB, antifa etc. that's why I added it. Maybe ancom is a better word for the kind of people I get along with, idk. Didn't think that word would be this contentious here.

Anonymous 74107


Do punky stuff. Does your area have an anarchist/radical bookstore or community center? They are sort of rare but also I've been surprised by the towns I've found them in. Or dive-y bars are good for that too, if you drink. If you live in a rural place idk what to tell ya

Anonymous 74126

Kek, one time I was at a laid back antifa party and a woke leftist called me an ethnic slur and saw nothing wrong with it

Anonymous 74225


Fuck living an hour from the closest city is my problem? I know a dude who used to hang out with similar folks in the city, might ask him. Maybe he knows some anarchist spots.

RIP, some people suck.

Anonymous 74263

I dunno, go to shows? That's how I met pretty much all my friends.
That and shitposting crust and leftist memes. Picking up a meth/crack addiction helps too.

Alternatively, how do I make dnd friends. All my friends do is drink malt liquor and go vandalize shit. No one cares about my nerd interests.

Anonymous 74305

What was the slur?

Anonymous 74351


I've never met anyone who wouldn't be interested in trying out dnd except for the most worried about being seen as weird stacy chicks (aka my sister). It's gotten real mainstream in recent years. You just have to find a good adventure pitch and something that will keep them interested. The punks, stacies, jocks and whatever else from my school were all interested and asked about our dnd group. I'm pretty sure my DM did some adventures for them, I just lived too far away to hang out so I'm not sure what they played.

Anonymous 75686

Antifa? Hang out with white upper class trannies, they're experts on performative activism and wokeness.

Anonymous 75701

weirdly specific, I had a different image:
most punks I've met are same dudebros and trashy chicks but alternative

Anonymous 75703

>laid back antifa punk friends
>kinda snobbish. I feel like they look down on me

These activist types are not worth your time. None of them are genuine and will all drop you the moment they realize you're not as pure as them.

Anonymous 75757

I don't know dude, back when live music was a think I hung out with the metal/punk scene in my city for a while and there were some cool ass non-pretentious people there. Mostly anarchists.

Fair warning tho a lot of them are hard drug users and their houses are /disgusting/

Anonymous 75851


Haha nice my thread is alive again.
I didn't realize the word antifa was going to cause so much upset. Like I said, the people I know who are what I am looking for are usually antifa. Even the somewhat apolitical ones are very left wing anti-authoritarian.

Ye that's the kind of people I mean. I know a ton like that online and I get along with them great. I knew some in school but I lived too far away to develope a meaningful friendship with them.

I guess in the end it comes down to me just living in bumfuck nowhere country and that's why I don't have a lot of friends in general.

Anonymous 75905

It sounds like you want trash friends that dress fashionably and read Marx. These people are miserable and will get you in trouble with their terrorist links. Just hangout with people online. That's what I do.

Anonymous 75912

>I didn't realize that asking for people who are notoriously fake and rotten would cause so many to warn me against them
If you continue yearning for them even after reading this thread, you deserve every hardship that comes your way.

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