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Anonymous 73950

Is this common?

Anonymous 73951

Fake lesbians exist and many self-proclaimed bishits are lying to themselves, but I wouldn't say it's common.

Anonymous 73955

Just say you're bi/lesbophobic at this point, sis

Anonymous 73960

Just biphobic, especially the ones that say "I had too many bad experiences with men, and now I date women." like they're playing an RPG.

Anonymous 73964


Anonymous 73965

self proclaimed bisexuals don’t even notice the irony in their attempt to other themselves by pretending that they are the same as lesbians when women are always second-rate to them. lol

Anonymous 73980

Yes, a lot of people say "either" when they mean "neither", sadly.

Anonymous 74153

My friend does this. She does the whole dating app looking for men thing for a few months, gets disappointed/doesn't go anywhere, and hooks up with girls or tries to "date" girls until she wants dick again. Rinse and repeat.

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