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Anonymous 73983

rate this doggy

Anonymous 73984

10/10 cute as all hell, love a good dog doodle

Anonymous 73985

Pretty good

Anonymous 73986

Sem título.png


I tried to draw a doggy on paint.

Anonymous 73987

wow, your doggy is very cute too!

Anonymous 73990

Very nice doggy, good attention to detail.

Anonymous 73994

Crayon Shin-chan reference?

Anonymous 74011

it's literally the shin-chan dog.

now i wanna watch that show

Anonymous 74549

i like his eyebrows

Anonymous 74620


I drew a dog at work based on my dog at home.

Anonymous 74624

Where is his leg?

Anonymous 74659


Anonymous 74805


When I was a preteen my sister and her friends used to bully me for my art and specifically any hindleg on the back side they'd say looks like a dick and then they'd call me a pervert and tell everyone I draw porn and so even now I'm hesitant to draw back legs when I know somebody will see the art.

Anonymous 74819

Should have questioned why they thought a picture of a dog was pornographic.

Anonymous 74870

That doesn't make sense though, a dog penis doesn't look anything like it's legs.

Anonymous 74917


Anonymous 74919


Anonymous 74920

Nice hind leg anon!

Anonymous 74921


I don't think logic factored into it. I mean I was 11 so my art was terrible and they were 15 year olds seeing a semi-phalic shape and a chance to bully someone younger. Maybe I can find one of those older drawing but I probably threw it out. Found this drawing from around that time and the legs are pretty phallic shaped, more so when you turn the characters and obscure more of the leg.

noooooooo all my fears are coming true.

Anonymous 74924


Anonymous 74925


eheh okay i feel bad for teasing you so here's an apology drawing. draw your hind legs freely whether they look penis adjacent or not, anon

Anonymous 74970

they look fine to me?? they were just being tards :\ keep drawing anon

Anonymous 74973

Aw that's actually adorable. Apology accepted although none was needed.

I love your art style and I'll treasure that drawing forever, penis-dog and all.

Thanks anon! I never stopped drawing thankfully.

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