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Anonymous 73991

Biden won.

Anonymous 73992

nothing will change

Anonymous 73993

No, it will get worse. He already signed something that means all schools and prisons now have to accept trans women as women.

Anonymous 73995


Now you HAVE to include trannies in all sports, school clubs, correctional facilities!


Anonymous 73996

I'm not sure what to think about trans girls in sports and sports scholarships, but they should still definitely be eligible for no -sports scholarships.

Anonymous 73998

absolute unit.png


lmao, you people are unsalvageable

Anonymous 74002


seethe more, nazis

Anonymous 74003

Even if Trump had won instead, America is already lost. So it doesn't matter anymore. Just let it die, it will be good for the world.

Anonymous 74004

Every thread becomes a terf thread in here.

Anonymous 74006

I want there to be chaos in the world caused by right wing powers so that the left can come in to save the day. Is that too unrealistic? It's also a paradox that only right wing leaders can pass genuinely progressive reforms because if a lefty does it then they're considered a traitor.

Anonymous 74007


Anonymous 74009


you are delusional bunkertranny

Anonymous 74019

>"Joe Biden raped me."

I'm surrounded by libfems who won't pry their mouths off of this brain-damaged pedo's dick, and I don't understand it. The same people who'll deliberately search people's tweets to see if they said a hard R in high school listened to this monster give a whole-ass euology for a whole-ass klansman, and… crickets.

Also, the tranny shit is fucked up.

Anonymous 74020


Why does the world have to be such a shithole these days. Both sides are fucked. I will probably just move far away from any big cities and live my life out in the woods. The modern world is just too depressing, but nature is beautiful.

Anonymous 74022

Americans really should have just voted for the orange man again. After this election democrats are about to lose a lot of female voters and other voting blocs like black people who always support the democratic party but get nothing in return.

Anonymous 74023

>democrats are about to lose a lot of female voters

Unfortunately, most women don't care about sports or lesbian culture, and do not care that men are ruining either of them.

>and other voting blocs like black people who always support the democratic party but get nothing in return

Dems will never lose the black vote no matter how much they destabilize black homes and families. Biden proved it.

Anonymous 74032

The same few people finance both sides.
There is no political solution. It's theater.

Anonymous 74037

It may sound hard to believe but even Trump got more Hispanic votes than in the last election.

Anonymous 74039

america never stood a chance

Anonymous 74041

it's been one fuck…

I have been watching the meltdowns on /pol/ lately and it is GLORIOUS

Anonymous 74063


Bidenfags made their bed, and now we all have to lie in it.

Anonymous 74064

anything but orange hitler fuddy duddy.

Anonymous 74065

stop the steal

irregularities need investigating , count the legal votes!

Anonymous 74076

Its not like the majority actually like biden, they just all hate Trump

I cant believe there people out there that wants to suck the orange mans dick.

Anonymous 74077


I really don't understand them either. What do the rich and powerful really want? Even more money and power? Why are they so greedy…

Anonymous 74080

>What do the rich and powerful really want?
To maintain status quo.
>Why are they so greedy…
Most of them are males.

Anonymous 74097

i’m not glad he won just relieved trump
lost why couldn’t it have been anyone else though

Anonymous 74102

Because Biden is safe and will uphold the establishment while appearing progressive to the liberals. Anyone who sees these day one executive orders and thinks “oh em gee the trannies and blacks are gonna take over” is retarded.
Personally, I can’t wait for the Republican Party to get replaced by another party to shake things up. After Trump losing it’s only a matter of time.

Anonymous 74127

not sure if it's been mentioned but did you hear about trump's plans to establish his own party

Anonymous 74952

>politics at all
>having autistic internet politics beliefs about trannies, trump, etc
Unhealthy. Not any of a reasonable person's business.

Anonymous 75058


Anonymous 75062


Trump's live suicide is imminent…

Anonymous 75147

what happened now? i haven't heard him speak since the inauguration

Anonymous 75150

>using a women's forum when you have a penis
Unhealthy. Not any of a reasonable person's business.

Anonymous 75161


Anonymous 75182

People romanticize the woods a lot but can't stand not showering for 3 days straight.

There is no services in the woods grul. Huge ovaries you got if you survive there for long but it ain't as comfy as people make it to be, unless you got a whole team with you that is loyal and works together smoothly. Might as well call that a pre-society.

Anonymous 75258

post proof, this sounds like bull shit.

Anonymous 75264

>but can't stand not showering for 3 days straight.
do you even know where you are

Anonymous 75306

Three days? Wtf wash yourself at a lake or stream. It's pretty comfy to be camping or hiking but I feel like I'm stuck in a paradox. I feel bad slowing down the group when I'm out with guys but don't wanna be in the woods without a guy around. I think the solution is a group of mostly girls and some guys.

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