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ADHD Anonymous 74000

Any ADHD girls here? How are you doing? How does your ADHD affect your life? Have things gotten harder because of you-know-what? How are you coping?

For me I start too many projects but never finish them. I have a window of about 3 days where I become very passionate about a project, after which I want nothing to do with it. I'd like a way to fix this problem someday, since it's my dream to have a finished project that I can call my own. Vyvanse is getting me through most days.

Anonymous 74001

Vyvanse made me want to kill myself. Concerta worked best for me for a couple of years before I worked up a tolerance to it and kept needing to up my dosage. It got to the point where I needed a stronger dose than what was legally allowed for my body weight so I just stopped medication all-together. I do have a pretty mild diagnosis so I'm lucky and have learned to cope with it. Been off meds for about 5 years. I definitely feel you on having a difficult time finishing projects.

Anonymous 74008

I got evaluated and diagnosed a little over a year ago, obviously had it all my life.

I took vyvanse for a while but honestly just stopped taking it because I haven't been to my psychiatrist in a while. It was fine but sometimes upped my heartrate a little too much and i'd get worn out in the middle of the day and crash.

it is an hell when mixed with depression…once my depression got fixed I slowly gained more control over it.

I believe having a really good counselor was my saving grace, as well as realizing my limits while also pushing myself to be better.

I am in college and it is required by law that schools offer accommodations for mental disorders as long as you have documentation and they are usually good about working with me.

I don't get special treatment, I just get a little extra time on tests. Just having that accommodation changed the game because part of my diagnosis is that I am an extremely slow processor. I can do anything anyone else can just at a much slower rate.

Anonymous 74015


I can't force myself to focus on things I don't care about or things I'm bad at like math, things got bad for a bit since I'm out of school and have no responsibilities, I would stay up for 24 hours at a time just listening to loud music and drawing, that messed with my heart somehow so I don't do it anymore also I gave myself tinnitus, coping well enough I've moved on from anime gacha to dolls now so traded one autistic hobby for another I guess, currently in the process of selling old gamer stuff to pay for more toys
I have no self control for my impulse hobbies I just want a job but my parents keep putting off teaching me how to drive, I don't even have an id yet, I'm so behind everyone else my age

Anonymous 74016

Yeah schools in Canada are pretty good about it, I get extra time on tests too.

Anonymous 74036

I'm taking Concerta and honestly it's great, my concentration and discipline improved dramatically, I get less bored of everything, even when I'm procrastinating I'm procrastinating by doing something interesting instead of basically watching paint dry and the side effects are negligible.
I have an appetite, I don't grind my teeth (in high school when I took ritalin la I'd end the day with my jaw hurting) and the only thing I do have is I drink more water and go to the bathroom a little more frequently, which isn't really a problem at all.
It's like I'm a superior version of myself.
Well, and I also talk a lot more, I already had a problem with talking to the point I forget the point I wanted to make and try making up for it by talking more while knowing it'll only make things worse, and concerta (as all amphetamines, I suppose) encourages you to get lost in a monologue, but that's a problem independent from my ADD.

That being said, it's not a magic solution, with uni happening entirely from home I do still have trouble concentrating, I never appreciated just how much I NEED a sterile environment to study in.

Anonymous 74048

Fuck Anon I'm jealous

Anonymous 74132

I just got diagnosed 6 days ago (I'm 26) and I have a lot of worry that I'm not actually ADHD and that I'm just abusing my new adderall prescription to make work easier…but also when I explain the small differences I've noticed while on it he says things like "you couldn't do that before??" so I think I do actually have an issue. Idk what's normal. I'm on 5mg/day. Is Vyvance better?

Anonymous 74134

Do you think part of your depression was caused by untreated ADHD? Or is it a separate thing? I used to be worried I had depression because I was always tired and mentally exhausted, but I heard that can be caused by constantly attempting to force yourself to focus with ADHD as well?

Anonymous 74141

Honestly you're more likely to have real ADHD if you were diagnosed at 26 than earlier. I think most young children diagnosed with ADHD are just falling victim to the sedentary lifestyle we force on children. They're not meant to sit still all day.

Anonymous 74247

Vyvanse is a miracle drug that makes my day immensely better and more productive, but when I'm not on it I feel like complete shit.

Anonymous 74267

ahh same anon. but this adhd rollercoaster has been so confusing for me. i was first prescribed vyvanse for BED 3 years ago, but my newest psych diagnosed me with ADHD last year. ive been on vyvanse again but i had to kick from 40 to 20 because id slip into psychosis and bad paranoia. its so much more mild and tamable, no thought loops either. but when i take break days, i feel depressed and cant get anything done. im sat with no motivation, especially as a NEET.

anyway, it definitely helps so much but sometimes i try to give myself break days since its a stimulant but then i notice how much more depressed and lazy/unfocused i am.

Anonymous 75417


I don't take meds but I find if I force feed myself motivation from audiobooks and podcasts, also watching home cafes, and lifestyle youtubers. People like Pear Fleur, Choki, Hayao, Jeri Landers of Hopalong Hollow, Peaceful Cuisine, Steve1989MREinfo, Fairyland Cottage, and Girl in Calico really are aesthetic and put me in the mood to create. These along with a clean work space and a cute drink help me organize an environment where I WANT to enter flow state. I use organization apps like Milanote to track my many personal projects and Pinterest for reference boards. I also keep a notebook on me.

I think if you have many hobbies there's no need to feel guilt, I do the same thing and as long as you come back to it one day you can't really call that giving up. You're just a renaissance woman and have a whole bunch of projects on the go. No need to beat yourself up about it fren. I have like ten hobbies already and I just picked up two more lol. I bought felting needles, and I got a punch embroidery kit, water brush pens, and fountain pens too! I'm gonna have cute embroidery on my clothes and felt lil aminals and cat toys. What hobbies or projects do you currently have on the go anon?

Anonymous 75430

I got evaluated and put on adderal and now I've got these pills but also a complex from being on an antidepressant for too long where I don't want to start any new pills.
I kinda want to sell them but am also too pussy for that life.

Anonymous 75431

Just store them somewhere just in case you want to use one again for their utility. But definitely do not rely on them.

Anonymous 75432

Good idea anon, it looks like they don't really expire.

Anonymous 75504

I am absolutely incompetent and have never signed up for a doctors appointment on my own despite being 24
is it hard to go get a diagnosis?

Anonymous 75664

I used "done adhd" because i saw an add on Instagram lol. I had been '''diagnosed''' by friends with adhd and decided to just sign up. It was easy and all online. Only issue is my doc says I really should get a blood test because that's a normal thing for adult humans to have done at least once apparently.

Anonymous 75668

I'm not doing great with the whole thing going on outside.

I had a period of time in June/July where I was super healthy and working out every day, but I keep alternating what I'm hyperfocussed on pretty much every month.

I am in grad school right now while working full time and I had to take the semester off. Last semester almost ruined me mentally.

I feel like it's harder having adhd as a woman because I feel more responsible for chores around the house and shit and feel more guilty for my house being a wreck, and right now that feels worse than ever before.

I am on vyvanse and it helps but I think I need to get back into bullet journalling or something for direction. I had a lot more direction when I was going into work every day physically.

Anonymous 75671

>on Vyvanse: I feel dead inside and enjoy almost nothing but at least people tolerate me
>off Vyvanse: become incredibly annoying and unable to stop talking
This is suffering.

Anonymous 75674

sigh yeah…
on vyvanse: nausea intense anxiety sometimes paranoia during the crash…but i get a lot done and dont eat out of boredom. i can genuinely focus and keep on task. but im also a lot more moody and reserved.

off vyvanse: hopping all over the place in terms of to-do list, happy and talkative, less anxiety, but unable to get much done.

i lowered my dose which has helped immensely but i still cant take it everyday because of how crazy it makes me sometimes. on my better days without it i wonder if i really need it, but without it entirely i wouldnt accomplish anything on my own.

Anonymous 75924

What are you studying? Getting a phd while working full time sounds horrible anyway, can't imagine being able to do it with adhd. I understand what you mean about the chores. It's so frustrating.

Anonymous 75926

I'm working on my masters in Computer science with a focus in Machine Learning. It's face paced enough that I don't lose interest in the topic and completely neglect it, and my work is funding me through it but I still struggle with time management between the two.
I thought of doing a PhD but I'd need to find an advisor that would take on a full time worker(which doesn't really happen unless you get a PhD from a less than ideal institution in Europe)

I've tried asking my partner to contribute more with housework and he's trying but he also has ADHD so it ends up being tough on him as well.

I saw something recently about weaponized incompetence that sort of resonated with me, I don't think he tries to do things poorly but I often have to redo housework he does because he does not do it well enough. We're working on it though.

Anonymous 76598


You're probably not here anymore, but I did this on your recommendation and the therapist said I have it. Got a prescription for adderall after a short 30-40m conversation. It was really that easy. Don't know why I was so nervous to do it.

I wish I could do more to thank you, but all I have is this picture of a wide cat.

Anonymous 76954

does anyone else struggle with the idea that they will be reliant on stimulants for the rest of their life?

i started on adderall when i was 8 and now i'm 20 and i truly am not a person without it. i went about a year without it when i started uni and i accomplished nothing, i didnt want to accomplish anything. doing things that inspire me would take four times longer than otherwise. i pretty much slept or wanted to sleep all the time.

now i've started taking it again and can finally do things that i love and complete my responsibilities but the meds make me feel crazy sometimes. i feel like every day i'll either be an unmotivated zombie or be motivated but anxious with a headache

Anonymous 77019

Hey that's awesome! I'm only on 5mg. Glad it helped :)

Anonymous 77020

Yeah I'll get my bf's buy-in and we'll both be cleaning, and I think everything's good, but then he's like 'okay what do I do?" and I feel like screaming. like look around for 5 seconds and use your brain. Our house is an absolute wreck, do literally anything. I'm not your mom. And then he's like 'okay is that good can I leave?"….like idk, do you think it's good? you live here too and I know you've complained about these clothes on the floor???" sorry for blogging haha.. But yes time management seems hard in that situation. But machine learning is so cool! QI took 2 classes on it (just basics) during my grad work and it was really cool.

Anonymous 77228

anyone have good experience with Concerta? It feels like some days it helps a lot but some other days not so much. Could this be tolerance and would skipping weekends reduce tolerance?

Anonymous 77302

I have severe ADHD and it ruined my fucking life but I feel like I would be incomplete without it, so I have never sought treatment.
I took medication for one month when I was younger, it made me sick and my mom never even tried to get me on any others, so the habit carried on.

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