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Anonymous 74034

Anyone here in academia, especially STEM? What's it like?

Anonymous 74090

I'm a chemistry PhD student. It's terrible. But that might just be because I have ADHD and depression. Lately I just don't care about doing well in classes or finding an advisor. The stipend is nice though.

Anonymous 74105

I graduated last year with a biology degree, I was super burned out from classes and didn't want to deal with all the stress and pressure of academia so I'm leaving it at a bachelors for the foseeable future. I like being able to learn on my own time.

Anonymous 74124

Anonymous 74128

im not in STEM, but am doing a M. Sc. degree in anthropology; this is my first year so i have done the whole thing remotely/online and honestly doing grad school under COVID conditions just blows the most amount of ass (for me anyway, and seemingly a decent # of other people)

Anonymous 74142

Doing my PhD in aerospace engineering. I'm basically in the lab all day, but I love it. Can be a little nerve-racking because you never know if things are going to work and schedules are super tight.

Anonymous 74200

If you don't like studying nor at least reading for long hours, do not do it.

Anonymous 74204

It sucks you'll basically be doing homework all the time

Anonymous 74256

I'm a biomedical engineering PhD student (4th year). It's pretty good. Rewarding. Basically, all accountability is on you in my PhD program. Ultimately you have to plan experiments and schedule with others and order things. It can be frustrating when things don't work as expected, but that's also super interesting sometimes. Just be careful to select advisors that actually graduate students!

Anonymous 74257

Are you a 1st year? I'm >>74256 . My first year was very rough and I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything. Once you get the ball rolling it's a lot easier….but I had an easier time finding an advisor because of the way my school set it up. <3 Are you treated for either issue atm?

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