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Anonymous 74712

Have you anons worked as physical workers?

I have, that was 5 years ago when I found a job in a carpentry shop combined with a sawmill and worked there for almost 2 years. There was about 50 employees including only 4 women, after work I were always sweaty, smelly and exhausted, noise was terrible and, as I realized later, the fumes of glue caused my lungs problems that I still have today. After 4 months of work a foreman told an operator of a large trunks cutting machine to teach me how to use it cause he found me "clever and diligent", as he stated himself. Operating the machine was much easier and better paid, so I became one of four operators. Two of them were young moids who got eventually fired for coming to work drunk and the old one (the one who taught me) retired so I was left alone with the machine. Then the boss started to blame me for making too much waste and delaying the process and when I tried to explain him that the machine is old and raddled and probably needs servicing he told me that he will deduct it from my salary. I answered I don't want a job in which he threatens me and takes my money, went away and resigned next day. The shop was left without anyone who can use the machine, and without it working all the process is stalled. I heard that some moids tried to launch it but all they achieved was making a lot of waste and damaging the machine even further. The boss contected the producers of the machine but it turned out that the previous owner of the shop made a lot of modifications in the machine and they didn't know how to repair it.

The shop got bankrupted a month after I left it, now I work in a call center and it's much better

Anonymous 74714

Is McDonalds a physical job?

Anonymous 74715

I don't know, probably yes

Anonymous 74727

It's a shitty job either way.
Fuck McDonald's.

Anonymous 74733

Hey I was amazing at it ngl I think I could have went for manager, I knew everything.

Anonymous 74734

I work as an operator in a machine shop where we make metal parts. The work isn't too exhausting and I like that I don't have to worry about what to wear. Most of the people here are middle aged so the mood is always calm and nothing crazy ever happens. I work close to four other women so we take breaks together.

I'd say the biggest drawback is the metal chips that get stuck in your hands and sometimes follow you home.

Anonymous 74740

>I like that I don't have to worry about what to wear.
Yeah, that was a big advantage of the carpentry shop

Anonymous 74795


Never, but I would like to work somewhere in nature and far away from any cities at some point. I'm not trying to (even subconsciously) romanticize a rural type lifestyle I know next to nothing about but it's pretty hard not to after growing up in the lifeless geriatric wasteland known as the American Southwest's burbs.

I'm just not sure how I'd land a job like that, especially one that's only for 1-2 years and is relatively free of moids.

Anonymous 74803

I just started 2 part-time jobs as a stocker/merchandiser. Both the companies pay above minimum wage (not significantly, but it’s still appreciated considering most companies don’t give a fuck about compensating their workers). My legs hurt a lot from walking around so much but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Learning all the stuff with scanning and barcodes and going into the backrooms is kind of overwhelming but I haven’t given up yet.
One thing I’m worried about is that I stole junk food from the store as a teen (~4yrs ago) and got confronted after doing it for months. I am scared someone will recognize me and get me fired… I have no desire to do it again and just want to pay my bills. ;-;

Anonymous 74807

Work, save, buy a land, a used car, and voila. What is profitable is the greenhouse, they are easy to build and maintain. If you don't learn Spanish and come to Latin America, the land is extremely cheap (2000 usd per hectare to grow things like lemon, avocado, soy, etc). You can do it, don't be limited by money, it's up to you.

Anonymous 74824

What's bad in American Southwest's burbs? Eastern European here, never been abroad but I in American movies living in the US looks quite comfy

also I like what you're saying about working in nature, that's my dream as well
In some countries buying a land is forbidden unless you're a farmer or have farmer education
Don't wory, people working in such places are ussually too tired to be suspicious

Anonymous 74826

My job is split between meetings and manual labor. I like it, I could never sit still when I had an office job.

Anonymous 74833

Office job is great, especially home office
I thearetically work from 8.00 to 16.00 but in reality I call team leader at 8.00 to tell her that I started working, sleep to 9.00, actually start working, call her again at 15.00 to tell that I'm still working and when she rings off it's end of my day at work

Anonymous 74872

My housemate gave me a job working reception at the loading dock of his lab after my office job was destroyed by COVID. The work is damn hard, shifting crates of heavy equipment and pallets of hazardous chemicals, but it's kind of satisfying. I'm paid $5 more an hour, and because of the nature of reception, we work in fast bursts, so I end up doing less actual work than in an office job. The moids I work with are intentionally annoying, but at least they think of me as part of the team. It's also done wonders for my fitness, as I've dropped like 10kg and now I can move the 20kg consumables boxes without muscle strain.

I guess it's also given me a moment to think about what I want to do with my life. I have have my Ba in Economics, but the more I hang around with my housemate and his employees, I'm becoming more interested in science. I'm considering going to vocational school to get my laboratory certification, or maybe go back to uni and study microbiology to shift from the warehouse to the lab floor.

Anonymous 74881

>Don't wory, people working in such places are ussually too tired to be suspicious
I hope so. One of my coworkers tried chatting me up, just asking me basic questions. It made me paranoid (also just annoyed bc I hate small talk). This store is known for having GOOD security…

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