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Anonymous 74987

Where do you find other losers to talk to?

I really try to meet others that are truly gone and dysfunctional types to relate to and I know reddit has these types but they are rarely anon friendly in my experience plus it is bryond stupid to ask for people who are truly losers as you just meet typical incel types and edgy teens that fetishize mental illness.

Does anyone else try to make friends anywhere? is it even worth the hassle of trying I do not even know where I would meet anon type people as I do not use discord

Anonymous 74992

sometimes i'll go on /soc/, add a few people, conversation'll dry up after a few messages/they'll be out of their minds/ridiculously pornsick and then it's back to loneliness. occasionally you meet someone golden, but something usually happens, so…

Anonymous 74995

There is a friend making thread on lolcow

Anonymous 74999

>again, it may just be because im too retarded to carry on a conversation.
no, people on /soc/ are generally just terrible people. the men are pornsick and abusers waiting for the right catch that they can move over to their home so they can beat them up in between stockbroking and the women are dizzy from the hundreds of adds and dopamine bursting from endless attention and–

it's just bad. it's not you.

Anonymous 75000

for some reason, the idea of making friends with someone who obsesses over other individuals doesn't sound pleasant

Anonymous 75001


I'm not on lolcow for the gossip

Anonymous 75002

oh, that's…. that's nice

Anonymous 75016

This. I tried making friends on /soc/ a few times and no matter what you do, the people on there are either

a) horny moids
b) moids who might be nice until they inevitably "fall for you"
c) e-girls who want orbiters, not female friends
d) mentally ill girls who seek out other mentally ill girls to bpd it up with
e) "socialites" who are only interested in gossiping about tripfags and
f) autists who only look for someone to talk at endlessly, not to befriend

All of them suck and are a waste of time. /soc/ is the last place you should be looking for friends in.

Honestly what I recommend is hanging out in communities focused on your interests, not your social desires. You'll meet like-minded people and if you think someone's nice, you can start talking to them and see how it goes. Finding friends in loser-centric places is a bad idea for obvious reasons, but the worst part is that everyone is both desperate and flakey. Rinse and repeat.

Anonymous 75021

I see a lot of anons in the friendfinder thread that seem cool and nice, but I'd be too paranoid to actually reveal anything about myself because I'd be afraid of being posted about if things go sour. I don't have falling outs with people usually, but it feels like a powder keg.

Anonymous 75023

That is a valid fear non, and I would advise you against it. But it's even more likely to be posted on certain other boards if you piss off males from /soc/ and such. to be honest I avoid all Discord communication because it seems to attract this kind of person.

Anonymous 75039

/soc/ CAN have some good users but it is very very rare to come across them and soo many coomers on there my god but I have not used it for a long time and since I do not use discord my options are limited..


Oh I actually met some cool people on omegle but what tags do I use because I get spam bots and people asking my ASL straight away or dumb kids regardless I kind of gave up on omegele.

Look no offense meant to other woman who have BPD and do find the valueless validation of men wanting to fuck and see their nudes satisfying but it seems so pathetic to me and I know we get taught and influenced the easiest way to get attention and loved/cared for is by showing out image/sexual side but that just seems so shallow I would not want to meet anyone similar.
You make some really good points but I just feel I cannot relae to anyone who is not a loser and sure I can go on a forum/subreddit about an interest I have and share information with others and it can be gainful but I can never actually start to care about them or nearly anyone if they are not a loser like myself. I feel too far gone I am sick of adding "losers" online that are just students or wagies with meme depression or something in the case of reddit a-ha..

From my experience online I would warn you to be weary and realize that actual sociopaths will often be in friend threads online but what is soo disturbing is how they can appear so nice and friendly but their real goal is to get you attached to them so they can push you away until you freak out and then they start with the manipulation with the end goal getting pictures of you cutting their discord tag into yourself so they can lauh about you with their actual friends.
Fuck discord

If I try look for a loser to talk to on reddit it is always someone who is rather normal and if they are kind of weird they care too much about politics or something to talk about anything my gawd

Anonymous 75041

>b) moids who might be nice until they inevitably "fall for you"
KEK why is this so common, it’s happened to me like 5 times. It’s just so funny to me. I am done adding men (unless they’re gay guys which are fine).

Anonymous 75044

Most Moids fall quickly in love with women who they like.
Most of them are just desperate

Anonymous 75064

given the population split on 4chan is probably, what, 90% guys 10% girls or so, it's probably pretty rare for a guy to meet a girl at all who'll tolerate em in texting and etc. i guess they just can't help themselves by that point

Anonymous 75135

Those threads actually got banned because of some persistant trolls.
The whole idea of those kinds of threads just goes completely against the idea of anonymous boards anyway.

Anonymous 75141

coffee falling.jpg

I love to read, but I have nobody to talk about. At uni I had some people but now that I am done I don't have anymore, my colleges don't care. Was thinking about starting a booktube youtube channel but I'm scared and it just seems like a lot of work lmao.

I do need friends badly, especially during the pandemic, I'm so lonely. Fuck.

Anonymous 75190

Do your youtube but be careful I guess! it could be so much fun to work on it and even if you do not make a friend you will have a new project plus that experience.

Good luck!

Anonymous 75551


If you ever find a user posting crystal cafe banners while on Pinterest feel free to add me.

Anonymous 75566

/soc/ isn't a good place to make friends. they're all so lonely and desperate and treat you like their virtual e-girlfriend. it really sucks. especially when you think you can be their friend, they suddenly push their feelings onto you and ghost you if you don't reciprocate. plus there are a bunch of creepy moids on there who think acting ~alpha~ and pushy and rude makes you like them when in fact you just block them thus turning them into bitter incels. and the girls on there just want male orbiters, with the rare exception of a girl looking for an e-boyfriend. which gives the moids hope and explains their needy clingy behaviour. adding other girls on there sucks because most of the time it's a troon larping. or a mean male with too much time on his hands larping to troll and laugh at pathetic desperate males. or the aforementioned e-girl looking for orbiters. actual girls who are also looking for other girl friends are either too normie or they get too busy with real life to spend time with an internet friend. people only use that board for lewds, nudes and sexting but there are some diamonds in the rough. i've made some friends off there and had some decent conversations, but they eventually dry up and they ghost you for a new person to repeat the process all over again. yeah i was a lonely and desperate enough to use that board for a year hoping to find some nice internet friends. i'm only in contact with one of them and we barely text each other anymore.
i just want other female weeb friends but the lolcow friend finder thread got banned for petty catty drama :(

Anonymous 75569

Agree, I dated someone from there and he was a creep.

Anonymous 75579

how was he creepy?

Anonymous 75580

He used to time his walk to class so that he could see a woman get into the bath. I told him that was creepy and he said "oh no, she must like it." Had a porn addiction. He also pressured me to do things I didn't want to. His whole family were really weird and bullied me when I visited and he did nothing to stop them.

He's now a psychiatrist somehow.

Anonymous 75602

So what's stopping the anons ITT from just making a Discord or something lmao

Anonymous 76376

discord is for trannies and otherkin.

Anonymous 76398

in which discords do they even engage, hobby or location discords are fun and chill

Anonymous 76597

If you dont have a fandom that you belong to, its hard to find other losers. I made a lot of friends from my time playing splatoon 2 and it saved me from being friendless.

But if you dont have a fandom, you could always try something like disboard.org, if you filter the servers by 18+ only so you avoid kids.
Avoid anything with the dating tag too.

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