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Meaning of Life Anonymous 75227

what is it?

Anonymous 75228

Do what you want have fun and be happy

Anonymous 75229

sounds very nice but is that even possible?

Anonymous 75230


life is kinda meaningless

Anonymous 75231

There is no real answer. All of it is opinion base.
You have to find your own meaning in life.
People find meanings in their careers, having a family, a passion hobby, sports, fandoms. Anything really. Even religion, there is no right religion. Because really it depends what ever just ends up to what you feel is right for the soul.
So yeah there is no real answer to life, you just have to find it or make it.

Anonymous 75232


your search for meaning is bbllaahblahblahhb alhb albh blah poop noises
the meaning of life is intrinsic to you and is defined by you and if you're so deadset that it's meaningless then go tony hawk off a 13 story railing but otherwise do fun things enjoy fun things put in hard work to ensure more fun things and try to take it easy

Anonymous 75236

Endless pursuit of that sense of meaning.

Anonymous 75240

There isn’t one.

Anonymous 75244

To propagate life. That's literally it. No need to get deep and esoteric. There's nothing written in the stars. All you have to do is fuck and have children. That is the only reason anyone is alive, that is the only reason anyone will be alive in the future.

Anonymous 75248

who cares

Anonymous 75309

fuck and have children?? what about asexuals??

Anonymous 75323

Their lives are pointless, ultimately. Like barren and sterile people. It's fine if you want to live and say, become the greatest doctor of all time, you can assign meaning to life and do as you please. But at the end of the day, we are here to survive and create more people to survive. That is why there are so many different species. Plants, bacteria, animals.

I realize that sounds cold. Personally I don't really care if people have kids or not. I just believe that is why we are here.

Anonymous 75327

? I don't understand the point of the question

Anonymous 75330

No? I'm just unsure of why you're asking.

Anonymous 75333

lol Jesus dude… WHY ARE YOU ASKING? Do you think white people shouldn't breed or something? I don't understand why it matters if I'm Asian or African or from fucking Greenland.

Anonymous 75337

This got racebait-y real fast

Anonymous 75349

They get to live life however they want without the burden of childern

Anonymous 75437

From a science standpoint it's to pass our genes down but at this point it's better for the planet to not have a child.
I think if you're thinking about it from the basis of happiness and enjoyment there is no point besides doing whatever you want.

Anonymous 75442

It is ultimately meaningless but as an animal life form your base meaning is: eat, grow, reproduce, pass away. You contribute to evolution this way since reproduction is related to the evolution of the species, it's whats called "natural selection".

Besides the base animal meaning you can have human social ones since you are a sapiens animal and all so that would mean optimal ways to organize, law, resource allocation, etc.

Anonymous 77969

It's don't.

Anonymous 77982

Most of the population growth around the world is in countries or cultures that aren't conservationist.
If you have kids and raise them to respect the environment, passing such values to your grandkids, I think that the net gain for the world is far greater than going antinatalist.

Anonymous 77983

the meaningless is so you can make a meaning on top of the canvas.

Anonymous 77997

The meaning is shrouded in mystery but if we were to judge it based on as it appears to be it is meaningless outside the wills compulsion to replicate itself spreading the disease of life.

Anonymous 78040

This question is a meme. But it does have an answer, even tho it might be a disappointing one. Meaning is… well what means something to you. What affects you in some way. What's important to you. What stirs emotions in you, what makes you take action, what influences your decisions. If you watched a sad movie which made you cry thats meaningful. If a friend gave you a compliment which made you happy that's meaningful. If your car broke down and now you have to fix it that's meaningful.
This is the technical answer and, really, the only answer that makes sense. Im guessing youre looking for some grand objective answer, some concept thats supposed to guide you, but it doesn't work like that. You can't be convinced that something is meaningful, meaning is created outside consciousness.

Now, if you're asking for the things that people GENERALLY find meaningful in a positive way you already heard them a million times. Having romantic and platonic relationships. Having or working towards achievements. Helping people. And yes, having and raising kids is a big one as well.

The point is, there isn't one thing that you and everyone else SHOULD move towards. Its up to you to figure out what direction is the right path to you, which is extremely hard, as were always assaulted with information, ideas about how we should act, shaming, insecurities, social standards, misfortunes, duties and so on. But sometimes you do FEEL that thing that you want and need to move towards and you should try to at least pay attention to it.

Anonymous 78083

Unironically having children to perpetuate the cycle.

What is the meaning of a bicycle? To ride. What is the meaning of a calculator? To add. What is the meaning of life? To breed.

Anonymous 78721

Meaning is a nonsensical word that does not even accurately describe any tangible concept. It is derived in itself from a corruption of purpose which in itself is part of a hierarchal structure (the purpose of a hammer is to strike a nail, the purpose of a nail is to join two pieces of wood, the purpose of the pieces of wood is to create a tool and so on and so forth), hierarchies collapse when looking at the totality of a system (e.g. life, the universe, existance) and thus our brains struggle at the absence of hierarchy. This is not because of a problem with existence but rather a problem with our categorical brains. Best to just ignore the subject entirely.

Anonymous 79068

i can answer this simply.
the question "what is the meaning of life?" in itself needs knowledge to be answered. it follows that, the meaning of life is to answer this question. from this we could also derive that we also need to survive, because to think and attain knowledge, we must stay alive (unless you're religious, but i'll think about that when i'm dead). and to stay alive (for said knowledge to proceed and stay alive also) we must reproduce and impart on our children.

Anonymous 79071

to transcend humanism

Anonymous 79315

yeah but why would you think this is a bad thing?

Anonymous 79316

The meaning of life is to contribute something greater than the last generation. It's to enjoy life and live in harmony/balance. I don't know what obscene wealth has to do with any of that though.

Anonymous 79355

there is no deep meaning to the world, but people have it so weirdly wrong they feel like there has to be one.

there is no meaning but its not a tragedy or a reason to kill yourself lol - just chill and enjoy the life as it goes

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