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Anonymous 75497

hi friends. im really scared to work a shit minimum wage job again and i have extreme anxiety. i have an interview tomorrow and want to chicken out because i feel like 3 full days of work for less than 200 a week is such bullshit…

im not one for sex work but due to my anxiety and the fact that i dont want to slave around, should i do something more private like sell panties or feet pictures? how can i make money online? im skilled with crafts but that all takes time to sell and im scared nobody will purchase (i sew and make bug shadowboxes (mostly butterflies). can ptsd and anxiety get me disability…

Anonymous 75498

Don't chicken out if you need some fucking cash. You might not even get the job either. If you like crafts, you could see if a craft store is hiring. There's many listings for remote work, like data entry or taking calls. Make sure you really cast your net if you want to snag something decent.
If you legitimately have a PTSD diagnosis, it could be possible to get on disability, but you won't get on it for just anxiety unless you know someone.

Anonymous 75535

Craft store was a good suggestion anon, I had a friend who made moccasins and worked at a bead shop for extra cash and discount on her supplies. She used that to build an online business, and then quit the bead store. There's no reason to be scared of an online store, it's very low risk, you should go for it. Maybe it could be your full time job and you could be your own boss, wouldn't that be preferable? Do a bunch of research about it online and it will build confidence for you to brand yourself, you just have to get over your imposter syndrome and you'll be ok. I for one would totally buy one of your bug shadow boxes, that sounds like such a sophisticated hobby. Just pursue your passions and better if you can stay home with family to do this so you don't have as many financial burdens during your startup. If I had a redo on life I would have gone this route.

Anonymous 75540

Selling panties and feet pics still involves interacting with customers which will be just as stressful as they will be creeps.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79650

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